Second Life Fashion: New Golden Age Baroque Outfits for Women and Men from Silvan Moon Designs

Once again, the owners of Silvan Moon Designs (SL StoreSL MarketplaceFlickr), Bee Dumpling and Solas NaGealai, have outdone themselves with a beautiful Golden Age Baroque gown:

Baroque 6 27 May 2018Baroque 5 27 May 2018Baroque 3 27 May 2018

Vanity Fair is wearing:

Gown: Golden Age Baroque gown (L$450 at Silvan Moon Designs)

Hair: Aria by D!va (free group gift; group is free to join; the roses are included and are colour-changeable, or can be turned off)

Jewelry: Antigone necklace and earrings in silver ice (no longer available in SL)

Shoes (not seen): Amy flats by KC Couture

Vanity is also wearing:

And Silvan Moon has not forgotten the men! There is also a Golden Age Baroque frockcoat outfit for them:

Baroque Male 2 27 May 2018Baroque Male 27 May 2018Baroque Male 3 27 May 2018

This avatar is wearing:

Complete Outfit: Golden Age Baroque frock coat set with hat (L$450 at Silvan Moon Designs)

Mesh Head and Body: Max Altamura avatar (free from UniHispana Crea)

Hair: silver Casanova hair by Alli & Ali (free from the SL Marketplace)

Cody Goes Shopping

Yesterday I introduced you to Cody LaScala. Today we met up in Second Life, and Cody told me he wanted to go do a little shopping, so I took him to one of the best menswear stores I know, called Gabriel:

Cody and I shopping at Gabriel.png
Cody (left) and me at Gabriel

Following Cody as he strolled around the store looking at clothing, chatting about the prices, we had a great time today! It made me realize that even the simple task of shopping in a store is probably something that is more difficult for Cody than most people, because of his differing abilities. For one thing, Cody’s cerebral palsy can make it difficult for him to be understood. He has to speak very slowly and enunciate every word so that I could understand him, and even then I often had to ask him to repeat himself. I suppose over time I will get better at understanding what he has to say, as other people do who communicate with him on a regular basis.

It’s also somewhat of a novelty for me to speak using voice in Second Life! I almost always use text chat only in SL. Among other reasons, it kind of destroys the illusion that I am a beautiful female supermodel, when I open my mouth and a man’s voice comes out! 😉

Second Life Fashion: Psalms Outfit by Virtue at the 68 Main Shopping Event

Classic never goes out of style. The beautiful Psalms ensemble created by Abiela of Virtue consists of a dressy skirt with a slit on each side, a matching jacket, and a blouse. It is currently available as an exclusive design at the 68 Main shopping event. (Here’s a SLURL to take you directly to Virtue’s booth at the 68 Main event.)

Psalms Outfit 27 May 2018Psalms Outfit 2 27 May 2018

The Psalms outfit comes in six colours: blue, red, green, pink, purple, and noir (black).

Psalms Outfit 3 27 May 2018.png

Psalms Outfit 4 27 May 2018.png

Each colour is available for L$190 at the Virtue booth at the 68 Main event.

Vanity Fair is wearing:

Outfit: Psalms outfit by Virtue

Hair: Dasha hair by Truth

Earrings: pearl knot earrings from a long-ago hunt (the store is no longer in SL)

Necklace: vintage pearls from Dark Mouse (this store is no longer in Second Life)

Shoes: Jai classic pumps by Rowne (group gift)

Vanity Fair is also wearing:

These pictures were all taken at the beautifully landscaped sim where the Virtue store is located.

Virtue Logo Smaller