Second Life Fashion: Sophia Dresses by Virtue at the Crazy Fashion Shopping Event

The latest round of the Crazy Fashion shopping event is now on in Second Life, and Abiela of Virtue has created a line of classy Sophia dresses! They come in six colours: Blossom (pink floral with a geomeric pattern background), Blue, Flora (red floral on white), Noir (black floral), Oro (gold geometric pattern), and Purple. Each is available for L$195 as an exclusive design at the Crazy Fashion event.

Sophia 4 9 Jun 2018Mariah 7 9 Jun 2018Sophia 3 9 Jun 2018Sophia 2 9 Jun 2018Sophia 1 9 Jun 2018

Here’s a SLURL to take you to the Crazy Fashion shopping event.

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Second Life Fashion: Mariah Dresses by Virtue

Mariah 6 8 Jun 2018

The Mariah line of dresses by Abiela of Virtue feature a beautiful silhouette with a boat neckline, a three-quarter sleeve, and a full, flouncy skirt! The design comes in red rose (seen above), pink floral, blue stripe, red stripe, and black stripe:

Mariah 5 8 Jun 2018Mariah 4 8 Jun 2018Mariah 2 8 Jun 2018

Each version of the Mariah dress is available at the Virtue store for only L$190 each.

(All pictures were taken at Luane’s World sim.)

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Second Life Fashion: Hope Dresses by Virtue

Now is the season (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least) where light, summery, flowery dresses are pulled out of closets to wear in the warmer weather. Abiela has created some beautiful, romantic clothing with her line of Hope dresses, perfect for sunny summer days!

Hope Virtue 5 28 May 2018.png

The Hope dress comes in four different colours: blush (seen above), blue, pink, and yellow. Each colour is available for L$190 at the Virtue store.

Hope Virtue 2 28 May 2018Hope Virtue 28 May 2018Hope Virtue 3 28 May 2018

Vanity Fair is wearing:

Dress: Hope dress by Virtue

Shoes: Amy ballerina flats by KC Couture

Hair: Dasha hair by Truth

Vanity is also wearing:

These pictures were taken at The Apothecary sim.

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Second Life Fashion: Psalms Outfit by Virtue at the 68 Main Shopping Event

Classic never goes out of style. The beautiful Psalms ensemble created by Abiela of Virtue consists of a dressy skirt with a slit on each side, a matching jacket, and a blouse. It is currently available as an exclusive design at the 68 Main shopping event. (Here’s a SLURL to take you directly to Virtue’s booth at the 68 Main event.)

Psalms Outfit 27 May 2018Psalms Outfit 2 27 May 2018

The Psalms outfit comes in six colours: blue, red, green, pink, purple, and noir (black).

Psalms Outfit 3 27 May 2018.png

Psalms Outfit 4 27 May 2018.png

Each colour is available for L$190 at the Virtue booth at the 68 Main event.

Vanity Fair is wearing:

Outfit: Psalms outfit by Virtue

Hair: Dasha hair by Truth

Earrings: pearl knot earrings from a long-ago hunt (the store is no longer in SL)

Necklace: vintage pearls from Dark Mouse (this store is no longer in Second Life)

Shoes: Jai classic pumps by Rowne (group gift)

Vanity Fair is also wearing:

These pictures were all taken at the beautifully landscaped sim where the Virtue store is located.

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