High Fidelity Pick of the Day: The Spot

The Spot is a new meeting hub in the virtual world of High Fidelity, complete with a futuristic café!

The Spot 1 June 2018.png

The Spot has a cheerful, welcoming feel to it. The domain also offers teleporters to various other popular domains within High Fidelity:

The Spot 3 1 June 2018.png

The Spot 2 1 June 2018.png

Second Life Fashion: Lila Tops and Skirts by Virtue

Abiela of the Second Life brand Virtue has created a series of tops with matching skirts called Lila.

Lila 4 3 Jun 2018

The Lila set comes in 8 different colours: pink/black (as shown above), military green/black, black stripe, blue, brown, green, rose, and purple (please click on each of the pictures below to see it in a larger size):


You can purchase the Lila outfit at the new releases section of the Virtue store for only L$195 per colour.

(All pictures were taken at The Dirty Grind sim.)

Virtue Logo Smaller

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: 4 Blogs and 4 Flickr Groups to Follow

Not too long ago I wrote about the best six groups to join for freebies in Second Life. There were blogs associated with each of these 6 in-world groups which I recommend you follow to receive news about freebies and bargains all over the grid.

Well, here are another 4 blogs which I do recommend you check regularly to find out about freebies:

FabFree (Fabulously Free in SL) is one of the 6 blogs I mentioned before, but it bears repeating: this is the best place to find out about freebies in Second Life!

FabFree 3 Jun 2018

NessMarket is another blog you should be visiting regularly. Nessaja does a great job of keeping on top of freebie and group gift news.

The third blog I suggest you follow is an aggregator blog called SL Freebies Cheapies Dollarbies Lucky Chairs Huntswhich pulls together into one place blogposts about SL bargains and deals from a variety of sources.

Finally, another blog I check every so often is called simply Second Life Freebies.

There are also four Flickr photo groups that I follow which have pictures and descriptions of Second Life freebies:

Second Life Freebies Flickr Group 3 Jun 2018.png