Second Life News: Genus Project Wins the DMCA Complaint, Will Reopen Its Store Tomorrow

The DMCA complaint filed against The Genus Project has been settled in its favour

Please note that this news story is a follow-up to a previous blogpost (here).

The following breaking news I learned about from Second Life – FREE, which is a little-known-about Russian-language group on Vkontakte, the Russian version of Facebook, which often lists items I don’t see on other freebie blogs (use the Russian-to-English translator in your Chrome browser). Here’s the direct link to the post.

The following brief summary is courtesy of the Second Life – FREE group:

– GENUS won the trial.
– They have registered their copyright for the products and any subsequent DMCA complaints against them will be ignored, since the court will know by default that these are false accusations against the creator’s product.
– It is not known who filed a complaint against them. It was a completely fake complainant [and] a non-existent lawyer. This man copied Genus’s head and created a fake company that allegedly has been making 3D models for 13 years. But this lie was revealed.

There’s also a link to a Facebook post by the creator, which you can read for yourself. Congratulations to The Genus Project for successfully fighting off this attempt to shut them down! It would appear that the fake creator who launched the DMCA complaint wanted to not only shut down the store completely, but also have Linden Lab remove all Genus Project content from users’ inventories.

Apparently, The Genus Project store will reopen tomorrow, September 4th, 2020.

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  1. Genus has re-released their gift head into their group’s notices today, and also a pack that contains the demos of all their heads.

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