Atlas Hopping with Berry and Drax, Episode 11!

Today was episode eleven of the regular Atlas Hopping feature, livestreamed by both Draxtor Despres and Strawberry Singh.

Atlas Hopping 2 4 Nov 2017

We were joined by none other than the famous and irrepressible Second Life landlady, Jo Yardley, who was on her brand-new, crowd-funded computer!

Jo Yardley in Sansar 4 Nov 2017

Today we visited three Sansar experiences:

  1. Maganda, by Jadyn Firehawk
  2. The Urban Art Experience, by Charmarley Nightfire
  3. The Diner, by C3rb3rus, the recent winner of the grand prize in Sansar’s Scariest Experience contest

Here are a few pictures of The Urban Art Experience, which I can highly recommend. I got to see a few new areas I hadn’t seen before!

Atlas Hopping 3 4 Nov 2017Atlas Hopping 4 4 Nov 2017Atlas Hopping 5 4 Nov 2017

Here’s Drax’s livestream of today’s adventues:

And here is Strawberry’s livestream:

Scene of the Day: The Diner

We first visited this experience back in September, but C3rb3rus has updated it with a 1950’s-style drive-in movie theatre, and a little something extra:

The Diner 2 14 Oct 2017

I will also say, that The Diner is the first Sansar experience to give me a genuine fright (and no, I’m not going to tell you where!).

Pick of the Day: The Diner

When you arrive at The Diner, by C3rb3rus, you materialize standing next to an empty highway in Roswell, New Mexico, in the desert, under a full moon and a starry sky. The only building you see is a small Fifties-style diner, so you head toward it.

The Diner 16 Sept 2017

As you enter, there is a television set in the corner, showing the 1958 sci-fi movie Fiend Without a Face. The diner is deserted.

Diner 16 Sept 2017

C3rb3rus is to be commended for creating a sense of unease through his use of sounds!