A Couple of Sansar Newsblog Milestones, Plus a Top Ten List


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I’m very happy to report that the Sansar Newsblog reached a couple of significant milestones, only three days into 2018:

  • Without even realizing it, I had completely blown past the 400-blogpost mark with a frenzy of blogposts in the first two days of this year! This is officially blogpost #406.
  • Yesterday was my highest number of views so far in the short history of the Sansar Newsblog, almost 700! (Yes, compared to established blogs, that’s still tiny. But it is still significant. When it comes to blogging, you have to start small and grow over time. Get there early, show up, and have something to say.)

You may be interested in knowing what my Top Ten blogposts have been since I officially launched the Sansar Newsblog at the end of July, 2017, when Linden Lab opened the doors of Sansar to the general public. They are:

  1. The Idea of the Universal Avatar
  2. Stupid Pictures Promoting Virtual Reality
  3. Virtual Reality Vs. Real Reality
  4. Comparing Sansar and High Fidelity: A Few Thoughts
  5. Sex and Gender Issues in Virtual Worlds: “The male/female dichotomy was viewed as binary and the technology (literally) codified that concept.”
  6. UPDATED: A First Sneak Peek at Fashion in Sansar
  7. Avatar and Camera Controls for Desktop Users of Sansar
  8. My Top Fifteen Sansar Experiences (Plus One!)
  9. UPDATED: Controversy Over Use of Linden Lab’s Images, Logos, and Web Pages
  10. Creator Controversy Over a Planned Sansar Feature: Should Consumers Be Able to Edit Materials on Purchased Items?

Each of these Top Ten blogposts has received well over 300 views. I find it interesting that the accidental first peek at the fashion market in Sansar, with its integration of Marvelous Designer, got more views than the actual blogpost officially announcing that launch. I guess people were really eager to see what was coming!

It’s as a direct result of that mix-up, and correspondence via email with Peter Gray, the Senior Director of Global Communications at Linden Lab, that the Sansar Newsblog got added to LL’s PR mailing list. Thanks, Peter! I learned yesterday from Wagner James Au’s New World Notes blog that Peter Gray is leaving Linden Lab for a new job with Facebook. I congratulate Peter on his new position and wish him every success in his career. We’ll miss him! Hopefully, he’ll still find time to visit us in Sansar 😉

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  1. Congratulations on the milestones, Ryan! And thank you for the well wishes. I wish all the best to you, the Sansar community, and of course my great colleagues on the Sansar team for the new year and beyond.

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