A Second Guided Tour of Virtual Universe

My original half-hour guided tour of the upcoming social VR/MMO platform called Virtual Universe has proven to be very popular. A user named JadeKVR recently published her own guided tour of VU, conducted by Jeroen Van den Bosch, VU’s Chief Creative Officer and co-founder.

The video is 23 minutes long, and once again gives a pretty good overview of what you can do within Virtual Universe. Check it out!

When I asked on the VU Discord server about a projected beta launch date, Jeroen told me:

Heya Ryan, putting final touches on the Game portal , launching very soon, including more info about the beta!

Joeroen also mentioned that Virtual Universe will be compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets, as well as all the Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

This is good news! I’m very much looking forward to setting foot in-world again!


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