750 Blogposts!

This is my 750th blogpost on the RyanSchultz.com blog. Time to celebrate!

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In case you were wondering, here are my Top 20 most popular blogposts since I launched this blog on July 31st, 2017:

    1. Pick of the Day: Aech’s Garage, the Ready Player One Movie Experience in Sansar
    2. UPDATED: More Details on the Upcoming Ability to Change Your User Name in Second Life
    3. VRChat Pick of the Day: Club Transcendia
    4. Virtual Reality vs. Real Reality
    5. Why Women Don’t Like Social VR: Interview with Jessica Outlaw
    6. Second Life Versus Sansar: Why Linden Lab Can’t Win, No Matter What They Do
    7. A Few (Second) Thoughts About the Sudden Popularity of VRChat
    8. Which Virtual World Boasts the Highest Avatar Capacity?
    9. Linden Lab Announces a Mainland Price Decrease in Second Life
    10. The Idea of the Universal Avatar
    11. UPDATED: Intellectual Property and Copyright Issues in Social VR Spaces/Virtual Worlds
    12. Stupid Pictures Promoting Virtual Reality
    13. UPDATED: Earning Money Creating Custom Avatars in VRChat: An Interview with Ghoster
    14. A First Look at STYLY
    15. Exclusive Video: A Guided Tour of Virtual Universe with Jeroen Van den Bosch
    16. Occupy White Walls: A New Virtual World for the Art Curator in You
    17. UPDATED: Comparing Sansar and High Fidelity: A Few Thoughts
    18. Second Life: The E2V Vendor System is Shutting Down—And How That Affects You
    19. Use of VRChat and Sansar in China
    20. Sex and Gender Issues in Virtual Worlds: “The male/female dichotomy was viewed as binary and the technology (literally) codified that concept.”

Each of these blogposts has racked up over 500 views, which is pretty impressive!

If you are looking for a comprehensive listing of all the social VR and virtual world platforms I have ever blogged about, here it is: A Complete List of Every Social VR Space and Virtual World Platform I Have Written About on The RyanSchultz.com Blog.

I hope you will stick around as I work towards my next goal of 1,000 blogposts!

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
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