Pick of the Day: Aech’s Garage, the Ready Player One Movie Experience in Sansar

This evening, I was able to visit two new Sansar experiences:

A while ago, on the official Sansar Discord channel, I had said that whatever virtual world gets the Ready Player One tie-in would get lots of publicity. Well, Sansar got that tie-in! I am so excited and happy! Congratulations to Linden Lab for landing this one!

And here are some pictures of the Ready Player One experience, called Aech’s Garage (you used to be able to get to it only from special teleporters within the Intel CES Booth experience, but now there’s a direct link):

Ready Player One 2 8 Jan 2018Ready Player One 3 8 Jan 2018Ready Player One 4 8 Jan 2018Ready Player One 5 8 Jan 2018Ready Player One 6 8 Jan 2018Ready Player One 7 8 Jan 2018Ready Player One 8 8 Jan 2018Ready Player One 9 8 Jan 2018Ready Player One 10 8 Jan 2018Ready Player One 11 8 Jan 2018Ready Player One 12 8 Jan 2018

NOTE: You can install the Sansar software client, if you don’t already have it, at https://www.sansar.com/download. And then you can visit the Intel CES Booth by searching for “CES Booth” in the Sansar Atlas, or just by clicking this link: CES Booth. You can then get to Aech’s Garage (the Ready Player One experience) via special teleporters at the CES Booth. See you in-world!

UPDATE 11:24 p.m.: SIN kindly shared with me one last photo from Aech’s Garage.

SIN's photo of Aech's Garage 8 Jan 2018

UPDATE Jan. 9th: Linden Lab has now made a direct link to Aech’s Garage available from the Sansar Atlas, here: [HTC] Ready Player One – Aech’s Garage. You really do owe it to yourself to download the Sansar client software (if you haven’t already) from the link I posted above, and visit this experience in-world. Pictures alone do not do it justice!

I understand that it took Intel, HTC Vive, Warner Brothers, and Sansar Studios of Linden Lab six weeks of work to pull all this together, and that work shows. This is a highly-detailed, mind-blowing Sansar experience, particularly in VR, and well worth your time!

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23 thoughts on “Pick of the Day: Aech’s Garage, the Ready Player One Movie Experience in Sansar”

  1. Ryan, If there is an embargo, nothing has been said directly. I’ve reached out to Jenn at LL to try to gain some clarity on the matter & was unaware of the issue you have faced – thanks for passing the comment on my blog.

  2. Hi Ryan
    What is their reasoning and does this apply to just this experience?
    If it is the one experience then brain intelligence by them would have been to signpost as you enter it that because of its affiliations no one can advertise it in any way . I’ll visit after work today and see if they have even bothered to inform people that you can’t take photos and share them.
    I’m finding myself thinking that ultimately people will stop being positive about this corporation simply by the stance they take. Polite requests and notifications before opening experiences would be logical. But then logical and customer friendly service is becoming harder to find nowadays.
    Don’t let it stop your positivity. Keep on doing what you do ❤️

    1. As per the official Discord comment, the issue was more the wording of the original post, which used the term “exclusive”. The full clarifications from the Lab reads:

      “We truly appreciate the ongoing support from the community, especially with all the excitement going on this week! We want to clarify that users are not discouraged from posting screenshots from any experience that is open to the public as long as there is no claim to exclusivity, early access, or other potentially misleading statements or claims that are untrue or could be construed as an official statement from Linden Lab or Sansar. We hope you all understand!”

      – Kayla Sirkin, a member of the Lab’s Sansar Community Team, on Discord, 11-Jan-2018.

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