New Second Life Product: the Medhue Animesh Pet Chihuahua

Medhue and his partner Bagnaria (who together run a business called Full Spectrum, creating and selling 3D assets and animations for virtual worlds) are people I first got to know through Sansar, whom I interviewed in an episode of the Metaverse Newscast, focusing on the many wonderful, interactive worlds they created there:

You might not know this, but Medhue is well known for his work in Second Life, too. For example, for four years Medhue did the rigging and animation for a number of Zooby products, including the Zooby cat avatar (which I created an alt account for, just to wander the grid as a tuxedo tabby!) and the Zooby animesh baby (which I also own).

Medhue recently gifted* me one of his latest creations, a very cute animesh pet chihuahua:

Vanity Fair and Goliath the chihuahua

Using it could not be simpler. All you have to do is unpack and attach the HUD, and rezz out your first chihuahua pet. You will be prompted to give it a name (I called my first one Goliath!):

Everything is controlled via HUD: rezzing and derezzing pets, issuing commands, setting options, etc. In addition to holding them as shown in the picture above (with a wide variety of male and female Bento poses, including very nice petting animations), you can have them follow you—even play fetch with them! If you ask them to sleep, they will curl up in a slumber position, walking over to their pet bed if it is located nearby.

Here’s a closeup look at the dog, with a look at the commands menu on the HUD:

Here’s the notecard that comes with the product, explaining how it works:


  • Rez from the HUD
  • Name your Pet
  • Wander, Follow, Auto Rez, Name Tag, Mute
  • Force Sit, Stay, and Sleep
  • Fetching Toys
  • Holding options – go anywhere with pet
  • Tricks
  • Clothing Options


  1. Rightclick/Add Chihuahua Pet Hud from your inventory.
  2. Click on New Pet> , and Name the Pet in the dialog box pop up.
  3. If the Pet is already created, then choose Find Pet, or Select Pet, then select the pet you want to control.
  4. Click on Options to set the different options to your liking for the pet.
  5. Click on Commands to control your pet directly.
  6. The eat/drink options in Commands will only work if you have Medhue food bowls near.
  7. The Sleep option in Commands forces your pet to sleep where it is.
  8. If you have a Medhue Pet Bed, then when selecting Sleep and the bed is near, the pet will walk to and sleep in the bed.
  9. Hold the pet to be able to bring the pet anywhere in Second Life.
  10. Click Hold, then click Yes in the dialog pop up options.
  11. Click Next Hold, to cycle through the holding options.
  12. Click Unhold, to put the pet back on the ground when you are in areas you can rez items.
  13. Click Fetch to be able to throw items for your pet to run and find.
  14. Once you have clicked Fetch, you must go into first person mode, leftclick hold, and let go to throw the toy. A meter on the HUD will show the strength of the throw.
  15. Click Tricks, to be able to play a pet trick animation. More tricks can be purchased and added to the pet.
  16. The pet also has clothing and collar options, but those must be purchased separately.
  17. The pet works best on real Second Life ground, and also best when pathfinding is properly set up on the land. This is not required, but the pet will perform much better.

Contact Medhue Simoni if you have any problems with this product.
Mesh design, rigging, animation and texturing by Medhue Simoni.
Product coded by Ariu Arai.

You can rezz as many pet chihuahuas as you like—as many as your parcel can hold! If you wish, you can have a herd of chihuahuas follow you around! Here’s a 16-minute YouTube video from Medhue, explaining how the product works and demonstrating several chihuahuas in action:

The Medhue Animesh Pet Chihuahua is available on the SL Marketplace for L$1,499. It comes in two versions: a regular chihuahua or an apple head version. Medhue also sells coats, collars, beds, and bowls for the chihuahuas on his store, Medhue Animations. (Medhue also has an in-world store; here’s the SLURL.)

I have already fallen in love with Goliath! Expect to see him as my latest fashion accessory as I travel around Second Life!

And here’s an exclusive sneak peek at Medhue’s next animesh pet—a kitten, which presumably will work the same as the chihuahua:

I think Medhue Animations could have a hit on their hands!

*Effective immediately, my blog policy on accepting unsolicited gifts from content creators is as follows: If you give me the gift of a product (for Second Life or any other social VR platform or virtual world), I reserve the right to write or not write a review as I see fit. Accepting a gift puts me under absolutely no obligation to write a review, or to write a positive review.

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