Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: A Fifteen-Minute Vampire Makeover for Only L$150!

UPDATE Sept. 28th: For a current, up-to-date list of free or inexpensive options for mesh avatar heads and bodies for female Second Life avatars, please see this blogpost. For a current, up-to-date list of free options for free and inexpensive male mesh avatar heads and bodies, please see this blogpost

Vampire roleplay is a very popular pastime in Second Life, so today I decided to do a 15-minute makeover on a vampire avatar. Here’s the “Before” look, the now-familiar Iliana vampire avatar from SL’s Fantasy starter avatar collection:

Vampire Makeover Before Iliana 22 Sept 2018

And here’s the “After” look (please click on each picture to see it in a larger size):

This avatar is wearing:

Mesh Head, Vampire Teeth, and Facial AO: Maia Bento mesh head from Akeruka (this was a time-limited free group gift which is no longer available for free; the group join fee was L$150). More details here.

Mesh Body and Hands AO: Jenny Bento mesh body by Altamura (available for free at the Freebie Megastore at London City). I removed the included head to replace it with the Maia head. More details here.

Gown: Well of Souls gown by Silvan Moon Designs (free gift from the recent SL15B shopping event).

Shoes (Not Shown): Black flats by Garbaggio (part of the free sample pack for Slink feet; available on the SL Marketplace). Altamura mesh avatar bodies have Slink-compatible feet.

Jewelry: Daphne collar, earrings, and Bento ring by Beloved Jewelry (three free hunt items from the September Free Dove mini-hunt at the Beloved Jewelry mainstore). The included HUD gives a choice of 12 different metals and 33 different gemstones!

Body AO: Chubby Girl AO by [ImpEle] (free from the SL Marketplace). This is a nice, simple, calm AO with no crazy movements.

Hair: Que Bella in abyss black from Hairoin (a store which is unfortunately no longer in Second Life; I bought this many years ago and I forget what I paid for this)

TOTAL COST FOR THIS MAKEOVER (not including the hair): L$150 (the Akeruka group join fee)

Pictures taken in front of the blood fountain at the Necropolis Vamp Club.

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: 2018 Hair Fair Freebies and Dollarbies!

Well, between 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. this morning, I braved the lag and traversed the 2018 Hair Fair Second Life. Here are the freebies and dollarbies I found (each with a SLURL to take you directly to the store’s location on the four Hair Fair sims). Use the Show Selection button on your Map and follow the red arrow 🙂

Unless otherwise specified, all items are FREE!

Tameless 23 Sept 2018.jpg

Adoness 22 Sept 2018.jpg

KoKoLoReS 22 Sept 2018

nomatch 22 Sept 2018.jpg

BMAH 22 Sept 2018

ASO 22 Sept 2018

EMO-tions 22 Sept 2018.jpg

EscalateD 22 Sept 2018.jpg

Curious Kitties
Curious Kitties 22 Sept 2018.jpg

Zibska (colour-changeable collar and earrings)
Zibska 22 Sept 2018.jpg

MINA 22 Sept 2018

amiable L$1
amiable 22 Sept 2018.jpg

CHEVEUX 22 Sept 2018.jpg

Calico L$1 for four hairstyles (please click each picture for a larger size)

Vanity Hair
Vanity Hair 22 Sept 2018.jpg

KMH 22 Sept 2018.jpg

aaHair 22 Sept 2018.jpg

enVOGUE 22 Sept 2018.jpg

LM 22 Sept 2018.jpg

DQ 22 Sept 2018.jpg

Sintiklia 22 Sept 2018.jpg

booN 22 Sept 2018

Astrology 22 Sept 2018.jpg

red Mint (L$1 for a posture collar and a heart choker; please click each picture for a larger size)

Alli&Ali (6 hairstyles; please click each picture for a larger size)