Inheriting My Second Life Avatars: Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming!

Well, I’ve already had three people contact me via email about possibly inheriting one of my Second Life avatars. As Dean Martin used to like to say on his show, “Keep those cards and letters coming!”

(And if you ask me who Dean Martin was, I am going to hit you over the head with my walker! *shakes fist at those damn kids on his lawn, takes another swig of Geritol*)

If you missed all the excitement this week, here is why I am drawing up a list of people to inherit my SL avatars via my last will and testament.

Two of them are now already spoken for:

  • Nada Nix (my goth girl avatar) I have decided to leave to Jenn (a.k.a. Xiola Linden), the Community Manager for Second Life at Linden Lab
  • Scarborough Fair (my medieval roleplay avatar) I am leaving to Solas NaGealai, co-owner of Silvan Moon Designs

And here is a complete alphabetical listing of all my Second Life avatars, for you to get a sense of who’s available for adoption into a loving home 😉

If you are interested in inheriting one of these Second Life avatars, please contact me via email at ryanschultz [at] Gmail [dot] com (or via the Contact page on this blog). You can also approach me and talk to me in-world in Second Life, Sansar or another virtual world, or talk to me on one of the many community forums or Discord channels for the various virtual worlds of which I am a part.

This is going to be a very interesting undertaking! I’ve gotten a lot of comments from other folks on SL who think this is a great idea, and now they are thinking about their future plans for their digital assets as well. Some of them already have designated somebody to sign into Second Life and tell their friends what happened to them, in case they disappear suddenly from the grid. I think this is an excellent idea, and something that all users of virtual worlds should seriously think about and plan for.

Think of it as a sort of digital power of attorney. Who do you trust to take your computer accounts in hand if you should die suddenly, and undertake to notify all your online friends and colleagues? Have a plan in place!