The Happy Train

And this one picture pretty much sums up my day:

It hasn’t helped that I was caught in a torrential downpour of rain today—twice —without an umbrella. Or that my eczema is driving me crazy. Or that I lost my temper on the official Sansar Discord forums, blocked a user, and then apologized for publicly giving him the virtual bitchslap for being rude to me in previous direct messages about my blog. Seriously, I was, like:

(Yes, I’ve been waiting to use that animated GIF for quite some time!) But I do think that particular GIF applies just as much to me as to the person who pissed me off! When I lose my temper, it’s a sure sign I’m under stress (usually, from causes completely unrelated to the actual trigger incident). Unfortunately, I have what I call a Mount Saint Helens approach to anger: peace and quiet for centuries, accompanied by the rare explosion where all hell breaks loose and innocent bystanders are killed:

Trust me, it’s not pretty (and I have been working on not bottling everything up to avoid such explosions). The last time it happened, I took it out on Linden Lab, even though they were the party caught in the middle. And it actually turned out that it was a good thing in the end, as it forced me to rethink the way I blog and what I blog about. Just as this most recent incident has made me rethink how I approach certain situations in online discussion groups, and how I deal with conflict.

Live and learn. Or, in this case, block and move on.

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4 thoughts on “The Happy Train”

  1. Been there done that. Sigh…. Need a smart computer that will read my mood and disable itself for 24 hours.

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