The Happy Train (Part II): Dealing with a Toxic Troll

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

This is a personal message directed specifically to the person who made me lose my temper two weeks ago, who now says, in response to my recent blogpost, that my blog has lost its “cutting edge” and that I don’t have a thick enough skin to say what needs to be said.

Note to all my other readers: Yes, I know, I know. I should know better than to react to this. Don’t feed the troll. But he commented, and I chose to click on the blocked messages in the Sansar Discord in order to read them, and I reacted. I certainly won’t be doing that again, but I do have something I want to get off my chest, and then I am going to move on.

To my troll: At least I take the time to stop and reflect about how I come across to other people, making apologies if I have hurt someone and adjusting my actions as I gain better insight in how I behave and react. I have decided to pay more attention to my well-being in real life so that it doesn’t inadvertently become the reason I criticize a person, platform or company unfairly on this blog. If you think that makes me thin-skinned, soft, or weak, you are dead wrong. It makes me more aware. It makes me stronger.

Also to my troll: I’ll admit that I let you trigger my temper, not once but twice now. Well, congratulations, sweetheart! It certainly won’t happen a third time. You are truly rude, obnoxious, and abrasive, and you repeatedly attack, harass and insult people you don’t agree with. In short, you’re toxic, but I’m stronger than your attempts to troll me and drag me down. Now I’m choosing to redirect my anger and move on; I’m not going to waste another millisecond dealing with you. Buh-bye, bitch. I’ll let Miss Britney show you the door…

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