Outfit Outlay: Astronaut

Ooh Shopping! 7 August 2017

Ooh, shopping!  It just sends a shiver up my spine.  Vanity Fair, my supermodel avatar in Second Life (whom I have transferred over to Sansar now) has an inventory of exactly 160,760 items, as of this morning. (I can stop shopping… ANY. TIME. I. WANT.)

Vanity Fair in Jamestown Jacket and Skirt by Sweet Tea Couture 5 August 2017_001Here’s a recent snapshot of Vanity Fair in Second Life, on a super-secret desert island I use for unpacking boxes and changing. (I got lucky; the last name “Fair” was only available for a two-week period back in 2008 and I snapped it up immediately.) Vanity is wearing the Jamestown jacket and skirt ensemble by Sweet Tea Couture. (Thanks and a big hug to STC creator Jasmine Moonflower Gardner for giving me a gift card to her in-world store!) I never bothered to fashion blog in Second Life, because the market is simply oversaturated already.  But here in the brand new virtual world of Sansar, I can become the first fashion blogger!

Let’s face it. Right now, the only game in town on the Sansar Store for avatar fashion is Linden Lab themselves.  They even position themselves in the prime real estate spots on the Sansar Store, making their clothing and hair/hat items appear permanently first in the listings (something which I do not think is quite fair to the other content creators, if you ask me).

Clothing Palette in Sansar 7 August 2017Anyways, I bought their Astronaut Suit for Female Avatar for my supermodel avatar Vanity Fair. It cost me S$500.

I have tested, and I can confirm, that the item appears in your wardrobe, even if you signed into Sansar before you buy the item from the Store. Like in Second Life, the transfer happens automatically.  I picked a suitable short bob hairstyle from the available hairstyles palette to fit inside the astronaut helmet. Notice that there’s only eleven female hairstyles available at the moment, a rather limited selection.  You can bet that once avatar attachments are permitted on the Sansar Store, there will be an explosion of hairstyles available for purchase!  I’ve already seen a few pictures of the creations that people are feverishly designing and building.  I can’t wait! Picking a Suitable Hairstyle to Fit in a Helmet 7 August 2017

Astronaut Outfit 7 August 2017Here’s the look. I’m ready for my space adventure! I consulted the Sansar Atlas and selected a very appropriate site, the Apollo 11 – Sea of Tranquility experience, to take a photograph of this outfit (see the picture at the end of this blogpost).

By the way, they need to add keyword search to the Atlas in the Sansar client software, as soon as possible!  Right now the only way to search for a particular experience is to go to the Sansar Atlas web page, scroll all the way down to the bottom so that it all loads, then do a CTRL-F to keyword search for the experience you want! This obviously gets really tiresome, really fast!  I hope that Linden Lab fixes this soon.

Vanity Fair, first woman on the Moon! That’s one small step for a supermodel, one giant leap for mankind!

Vanity Fair First Woman on the Moon! 7 August 2017

Outfit Outlay: Cowgirl

Way back in the day (ohhh, let’s say 2012 through 2014), I used to write a blog about the late, lamented virtual world called Cloud Party.  (It was great fun while it lasted, and I was sad to see them go.  They were swallowed up by Yahoo!)

The blog was called Cloud Party Bugle, and one of the regular features I used to have was called Outfit Outlay, in which I discussed each of the individual items that made up an avatar’s outfit, and explained where to get them and how much they cost.

Well, it’s time to resurrect Outfit Outlay again, this time for the new virtual world of Sansar, and for my first avatar fashion presentation, I give you: the Cowgirl.

Outfit Outlay Cowgirl 2 August 2017

My female alt, Vanity Fair (named after my fashion model avatar in Second Life), is wearing the Western Outfit for Female Avatar, now available from the Sansar Store by Sansar Studios for S$400.  The outfit comes complete with top, jeans, boots, belt and two bracelets.  The detail work is really remarkable.  The cowboy hat and blonde pigtails hairstyle come as one item, the Western Hat for Female Avatar, also available from the Sansar Store by Sansar Studios for S$100.  The finishing touches are the blue dangle earrings, available for free under the Accessories tab when you customize your basic avatar:

Blue Dangly Earrings Attachment 2 August 2017

Just click on the bracelet icon along the left-hand side, then click on the little ear along the top and you’ll see it as an option to add to your avatar.

The top photo of Vanity in this blogpost was taken in a beautiful rustic experience called Bella Vista, created by Winter Loxely.