Drax Interviews Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Tad Williams in Sansar Tomorrow

Brenhard Drax (better known in both Second Life and Sansar as Draxtor Despres) has got to be one of the hardest-working people in the metaverse! He is constantly churning out quality content for both platforms, and he also hosts numerous events, including the popular Atlas Hopping on Saturdays, soon to reach 100 episodes!

Tomorrow, as part of his popular Drax Files Radio Hour series, he will be interviewing the American fantasy and science fiction writer Tad Williams. He is the author of the multivolume Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series, the Otherland series, and the Shadowmarch series, as well as the standalone novels Tailchaser’s Song and The War of the Flowers. Cumulatively, over 17 million copies of Williams’s works have been sold. His most recent novel is called Empire of Grass.

Here’s the event listing from the Sansar Events guide. This event will be live streamed at http://bit.ly/tadwilliams_live_inVR.