Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: monaLISA (Part 2)

Today I bring you yet another store that gives you a massive bang for your buck. I have covered this before, back in May 2018, but it’s such a good deal that it bears repeating!

Teleport to monaLISA, join the group for L$10 if you haven’t already done so, and touch the black sign to get this lovely Seda outfit, with a feminine white tie blouse and a black vest and matching skirt (please note that all three items are in one piece; they are not separate pieces). Looking good!

But there’s more—much more! Join the monaLISA group for only L$50, and you can then pick up no less than 97 free gifts of clothing and footwear for your female avatar from their Group Gift wall (at this exact SLURL). That works out to about L$0.5 per item, a really great deal!

Here are just four examples of outfits you can pick up. This is the Luz sweater and skirt set, which comes with a colour HUD with ten different colours for the sweater body itself and the sleeves separately, plus three patterns for the skirt (plain black and two wild animal prints):

The shoes in the first three pictures above are the versatile Jai pumps from Rowne, a free group gift. You can join the Rowne group for free. Here’s the exact SLURL to the Group Gift wall in the Rowne store.

And this is the Rose dress in light blue, paired with the wonderful multicolour Dawn heels:

Next we have this sexy, smart black double-breasted-jacket style minidress (model C04/12/17) along with matching black Merisa heels:

Finally, we have the following outfit (model C03/12/17) with black heels (model C09/12/17):

So head on down to monaLISA and pick up some fabulous deals for your wardrobe! Better yet, stay subscribed to the monaLISA group and you can pick up a new group gift every month! (It is usually on a large poster located immediately to the right of the large Group Gifts sign on the wall.)

Happy shopping!

Threedium: A Brief Introduction

In my early morning conversations on the Discord server, another web-based virtual world was mentioned, that is still in development, called Threedium.

The Threedium website consists of just a placeholder image:

I have been told Threedium is a project by an Autralian company called Punk Office, which specializes in avatar cration for various platforms:

Another one to add to my list!

Beloola: A Brief Introduction

I was up at 3:00 a.m. this morning with insomnia, so rather than try to get back to sleep, I got up, made a pot of coffee, and started blogging 🙂

And I kept a window open to the Discord, where a lively discussion about various virtual worlds was kept up by numerous members (as I like to call them, “my people”).

And one of them, yodorovvv, mentioned a virtual world called Beloola. And I immediately asked, “Beloola? What’s that??”

I checked, and yes, I actually had visited Beloola before! I already had my username and password saved in my Chrome web browser. I had just completely forgotten about it, since I first visited it back in 2017 or so. (This is an occupational hazard of a blogger who tries to cover too many social VR platforms and virtual worlds!)

Beloola (which, for some reason, I keep mistyping as “Baloola” or “Bellola” because my brain is telling that’s how it should be spelled) is a Web browser-based virtual world that has been around for several years, and never really took off. They do have a few themed experiences, like the ones for the Golden State Warriors and San Francisco Giants basketball teams:

Another product to add to my ever-expanding list of social VR platforms and virtual worlds!

A Sneak Peek at an Upcoming Episode of the Metaverse Newscast: the Engage Educational VR Platform

The Metaverse Newscast is branching out! All eight of the episodes that my producer, Andrew William of Imagine That Productions, and I have released so far have been set in either High Fidelity or Linden Lab’s Sansar. But we have decided to start covering other platforms as well.

Last Saturday Andrew and I, plus our new lead editor Joey Jonaitis, spent well over two hours recording footage in Engage, an innovative educational VR platform. I interviewed Chris Madsen, who is in charge of Business Development at Immersive VR Education (the parent company of Engage) in various experiences on the platform, including a hospital in Kenya and even the surface of Mars!

One of the many amazing features of Engage is the ability to record three-dimensional video, which can then be played back and viewed from any angle! Chris, Andrew, and Joey shot a lot of 3D footage (as well as regular, “flat” footage) which will be used in the creation of this episode. Andrew and I are grateful that we have Joey’s experience with video editing as part of our team!

Here’s a shot of Chris and I that Andrew took in a recreation of a reading room at the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford within Engage (the face on Chris’ avatar was generated using a single front profile photograph, another cool feature of Engage):

Chris Madsen and Ryan Schultz in ENGAGE (from Andrew’s blog)

Here’s a sneak peek at a segment that will form part of the final episode:

We don’t have a release date yet, and there are several other Metaverse Newscast episodes that are still in production, which will probably be released before this one. After spending 2 to 3 hours in VR headsets, we were all exhausted, and when I was done, I was covered in sweat! But it will be a great episode!

Here’s a link to all the past episodes of the Metaverse Newscast on YouTube.