How to Set Up and Change Your Free Region in Sinespace Using Pre-Built Domains

Did you know that everybody who creates an account in Sinespace automatically gets a free region for their home? If you set up an account a long time ago, you received the following small modern home, surrounded by a twilight forest and a white picket fence:

And if you set up your account more recently, your default region is a huge, spacious modern home on a beautifully landscaped open lot:

Today I am going to talk a little bit about your home region, and how you can change it. The following aspects of your region depend on what level of user account you have in Sinespace:

  • Maximum region size (in megabytes of storage);
  • Maximum number of regions you can have active at one time;
  • Maximum number of guests you can host at one time.

To find out what your current account level is, sign into the Sinespace website, and click on the pink Sign In button in the upper-right hand corner (or, if you are brand new, click the Sign Up button below):

Once you are signed in, click on the My Account button up top, as shown by the red arrow:

You will be taken to your account display, which tells you what level of account you have, and includes a button to change it:

Here is a link to all the available account levels. Your basic free account gives you 128 MB of space, for 1 active region that can support up to 10 visitors. Moving up to a Premium account gives you more room (512 MB) and more visitors (up to 25).

Please note that both Basic and Premium accounts allow you to create more than one region. However, only one region can be active at a time. To change your home region, click on the Home button in the line of blue buttons along the bottom of your client. You will see a listing of all the regions you have created:

You can use the Enable and Disable buttons to select which region you want to use as your home region.

To shop for regions, just click on the Shop button in the line of blue buttons along the bottom of your client, then select the Region tab:

You can sort the display by price by clicking on either Silver or Gold (sorting either by cheapest or most expensive as you prefer). Here’s an example of a lovely free domain you can get for zero Silver:

To change your region, all you have to do is click the pink Edit Room button when you are in your home region:

Then click on the pink Inventory button along the bottom:

Then, in the Inventory window, click on Regions and then click on the thumbnail of the region you want to use:

You will be asked to confirm your choice:

So here is the front and back views of the wonderful free Bighouse by La Livene, located on a small island with lonesome pine trees, with plenty of room to decorate and landscape as you please!

So, don’t be shy! You can shop for many other pre-built domains in the Sinespace Shop to use as your starting point for the virtual home of your dreams!

This blogpost is sponsored by Sinespace, and was written in my new role as an embedded reporter for this virtual world (more details here).