Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: The Atenea Female Mesh Body from LUCYBODY

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Back in 2018, LUCYBODY offered a Midnight Madness prize of a female mesh body called Afrodite. Well, they have now decided to do it again! This time, you can get the Atenea mesh female body as your gift.

Just teleport into the LUCYBODY store (here’s the exact SLURL) and hit the Midnight Madness board here (this time around, you don’t even need to join their store group!):

The same as last time, instead of locking down for the day when the Midnight Madness board reaches its target, it just resets the counter for the next group! (The prize is not delivered until midnight SLT, though, so you will have to be patient and wait until tomorrow to receive it.)

In the pictures below, I have paired the Atenea body by LUCYBODY with the free Maya static (non-Bento) mesh head available from the gift room at Altamura. The pink minidress shown comes in the package with the Atenea mesh body!

Here’s what the HUD that comes with the Atenea body looks like:

As you can see, you have a good selection of alpha cuts available, so you can wear just about anything with this body and make it work. You can choose from 14 different base skin tones, which you can further adjust with 16 different skin tints, which gives you a staggering 224 possible skin colours! Under the Nails tab, you can select from 24 different nail colours and patterns, and seven different nail lengths. The feet are Slink-compatible and come in three heights: high, mid, and flat (here I am wearing the Sonnet suede pumps, a free group gift from Hilly Haalan). The hands work with Bento animations.

This is a wonderful, fully-featured, fully-adjustable Bento female mesh body that compares quite favourably to brand names that cost thousands of Linden dollars, for free! So head on down to LUCYBODY to hit their Midnight Madness board, and wait until after midnight Second Life Time to receive this lovely Atenea body as a gift.

I will be adding this as one of the many options in my popular, constantly-updated list of free and inexpensive mesh heads and bodies for female avatars.

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