Second Life Steals, Deals and Freebies: Hilly Haalan

I’ve been blogging a fair bit these past few days about where to get the best freebies in Second Life (which is pretty hilarious when you consider that I never intended to blog about SL on this blog at all!), and I realized I had forgotten to mention another really great place to get clothing and shoes for female avatars!

Hilly Haalan currently has a wonderful Mother’s Day freebie available if you join their group (which is free to join). It’s a pair of Sonnet suede pumps with a HUD allowing you to re-texture them in any of 20 different colours:

HIlly Haalan 3 16 May 2018.png

The shoes do come in versions for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink feet (although I found that I did have to adjust them a bit using Right Click/Edit when I tried the Slink version on my Altamura mesh avatar feet). As of right now, I know of no other place on the grid that gives you a set of basic, classic women’s pumps with a 20-colour HUD, so load up all your Second Life female avatars and go pick up this Mother’s Day freebie, pronto! And tell your friends! 🙂

Not far from the vendor panel for the Sonnet pumps is a small Gifts shop for all the Hilly Haalan group gifts:

HIlly Haalan Gifts 16 May 2018_001

Inside, you will find fifty-two free outfits and shoes which you can pick up for free while wearing your Hilly Haalan group tag! In addition to those 52 gifts for the HH group, you can also pick up another ten items for free by joining the following groups (all of which are free-to-join), and then clicking on the appropriate vendor panels on the right-hand side brick wall when you enter the Gifts store:

  • SL Frees and Offers (4 gifts)
  • Maitreya Gifts, Sales and News (2 gifts)
  • Mesh Body Fiends (2 gifts)
  • Avangardista (2 gifts)

(If you want, you can join the Mesh Avatar Appearance Maniacs group for L$50 and pick up another 4 gifts while wearing that group tag.)

Here’s an example of one of the gifts you can pick up from Hilly Haalan for joining the SL Frees & Offers group, this beautiful red Audrey dress with black straps:

Hilly Haalan 16 May 2018.png

Hilly Haalan 2 16 May 2018

My avatar is wearing:

Mesh Head and Lipstick: Giselle Bento head by Altamura (no longer available for free; this was an Altamura gift from last Christmas at the eBENTO event, and you had to join the Altamura group for L$50 to get it)

Mesh Body: Jenny Bento body by Altamura (no longer available for free; this was a gift last Christmas from the Women Only Hunt)

Nails: Christmas Gold Bento glitter nails by Altamura (this was a Christmas Advent gift which is no longer available)

Hair: Beyoncé hair by enVOGUE (a L$1 gift from last year’s Hair Fair)

Mesh Eyes: Beyou blue eyes (L$1 on the SL Marketplace)

Dress: Audrey dress by Hilly Haalan (free group gift; the SL Frees & Offers group is free to join)

Shoes: Sonnet pumps by Hilly Haalan (free group gift; group is free to join; the Altamura Jenny mesh avatar body has Slink-compatible feet)

Necklace: Tillie necklace by Vanilla Bae (free hunt gift from the current Alice in Wonderland Hunt by Enchantment; you are looking for a small key with a rabbit’s head; the gift comes with a HUD with 7 metal options and 21 ribbon colour options to match literally any outfit; the hunt hint is “Take a seat”)

AO stand poses: SEmotion Newbie Girl Bento AO (L$1 on the SL Marketplace; be warned that the default walk for this AO is absolutely horrible and I had to swap it out for another walk animation taken from the Tuty’s Lucky Girl Bento AO, which is available for free at Tuty’s; note that you do not have to spend hundreds of Linden dollars on an animation override with Bento hand animations!)

TOTAL COST FOR THIS ENTIRE AVATAR: L$53 (L$50 group join fee for Altamura, and L$1 each for the hair, eyes and AO)

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