I Will Be Extending My Vacation from the Blog for Another Month

Somebody posted the following animated GIF to the official Sansar Discord, which pretty much sums up exactly how I have been feeling lately:

Taking a break from my usual blistering, breakneck blogging pace over the past three weeks has made me realize just how tired I am. I still feel like I need to recharge my batteries, and enjoy the all-too-brief Canadian summer weather.

I will also need to set aside some weekends-and-evenings overtime on my full-time paying job as an academic librarian over the next couple of months, to work on three weeks of content for a for-credit information literacy course for undergraduate science students, which I will be team-teaching (remotely via Cisco Webex) at the University of Manitoba starting in September.

In addition, I have accepted my first-ever, very part-time social VR consulting job, working on a project for my former producer of the Metaverse Newscast, Andrew William. So as you can see, I will be quite busy away from the blog!

All this means that I have decided to extend my so-called “vacation from the blog” for another month, until August. What that means is, I will only be posting sponsored blogposts for Sinespace and other clients, plus the occasional review or editorial. But I will, by and large, be continuing my extended break from providing comprehensive coverage of metaverse platforms and products.

I apologize to any of my faithful readers who might be disappointed in my decision. And I suspect that several metaverse companies will also be missing my coverage of their platforms. If you are a company interesting in discussing sponsored blogposts for your product or platform, please contact me. My standard rate for sponsored blogposts is US$50 per post. You may also wish to consider purchasing advertising space on my blog, starting as low as US#10.00 per month for a one-year plan.

Enjoy your summer! I expect I will be back to full-throttle starting in August.

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash