Better (Virtual) Homes and Gardens: I Am Hosting an Open House Until August 11th, 2021!

Many people in Second Life choose to set up a virtual home for themselves, creating a house and garden that would be impossible (or impractical!) to have in real life. There are hundreds of SL home-and-garden enthusiasts who showcase their design work via a blog or a Flickr photo account!

This blogpost is an update to one I made last Christmas, when I first moved into a community run by Bray Preston-Rising, which I have written about previously on this blog, called Bray’s Place (SLURLwebsite). In my 14 years of visiting thousands of Second Life sims, I have never received such a warm welcome, or encountered such a wonderful community!

Unfortunately, Bray has suddenly taken seriously ill, and as a result, Bray’s Place Blues club will close immediately, and the Bray’s Place sim will close on August 11th, 2021. I wanted to take the following pictures to remember this place, before it is gone forever!

Here is what my Second Life home looks like inside, plus a few pictures of the front patio and the back yard. Please click on the pictures below to see it them in a bigger size and get all the detail! I am quite happy with my little virtual home! (Now, if I could only keep my real-life home as neat and tidy as this!!)

Be sure to read the spines of the books in my bookshelf 😉

I will attempt to update this blogpost later with some details on where you can pick up my home decor; much of it is from Apple Fall (particularly the living room and kitchen). The magnificent Queen Nefertari bust on the coffee table in the final picture—something I could never hope to own in real life!—comes from the Archaeology gacha at Silas Merlin’s store and gallery (here’s the exact SLURL). The wonderful planetary orrery on the kitchen table actually works, and it is available for only L$10 on the SL Marketplace! (I found it while cam-snooping through someone else’s house, always a guilty pleasure!)

OPEN HOUSE: And if you’d like to pay a visit yourself, you’re in luck! I am holding an Open House until August 11th, 2021, when Bray’s Place sim closes. Here’s your taxi! The welcome mat is always out and Blues Music Fan Radio is always on! Please note that there are NO adult/sex animations of any kind in any of my furniture 😉 so behave yourselves!

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