Second Life Steals, Deals and Freebies: Paying A Return Visit to the Freebie Megastore in London City

I am becoming more depressed and anxious about the Ukraine Russia war, and its potential to turn into World War III. I have been spending a lot of time these past three weeks doomscrolling the news and social media (mostly Reddit and Twitter), but I do try step away for a day or two when I become overwhelmed by it all.

So, in addition to making financial donations to various war-related charities, I was out protesting against this senseless war in front of the Freebie Megastore in the popular London City sim in Second Life, standing right next to an effigy of 💩-tin in a garbage can…you know, as one does in SL (hey, it’s your Second Life; do what you want!).

By the way, the minidress in the blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag is a freebie from Princess Stuff (details here; scroll down to the bottom), and the No War sign is a freebie from the WENICE sim (details in this blogpost).

Anyways, while I was there, I freecammed into the Freebie Megastore, and I was pleased to discover that they have considerably enlarged their selection of free mesh clothing and footwear:

You can still pick up the free versions of the male Robert and female Jenny mesh bodies from Altamura, as well as a decent selection of free men’s and women’s clothing specifically designed to fit Altamura bodies. The menswear section has been significantly expanded from what I remember the last time I visited, too! (There is also a nice selection of men’s and women’s St. Patrick’s Day outfits, but you’d better hurry down to the Freebie Megastore to pick those up!)

Here’s a look at the mesh women’s clothing section; while the older items come in standard sizing, the newest additions are designed to fit a wide variety of women’s mesh body brands:

There’s also a women’s footwear section tucked into a corner of the Freebie Megastore, which includes some shoes and boots to fit Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink mesh feet!

So, if you haven’t been down to the Freebie Megastore in London City for a while, it might be time to pay a visit and pick up some fabulous freebies! Here’s your taxi.

Sinespace: Come to the Lost in (Sine)Space Sci-Fi Party, on March 23rd, 2022!

The Lost in (Sine)Space party venue in Sinespace

The social VR/virtual world Sinespace is going to be throwing a massive science fiction-themed party on Wednesday evening, March 23rd, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time/8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Residents are encouraged to dress up in their best space or alien outfits, and there are some serious prizes for the winners of the costume contest!

Star Wars, Lost in Space, The Jetsons?

The mother ship veered off course and crashes into uninhabitable Dystopia. As we journey through an army of unknowns, aliens, robots, and green space creatures, random prizes drop from the celestial sphere (Prize-o-Matic).

Please shop local and support our creators and designers for this event!

• Best in Space or Alien Costume: 5,000 Gold [Sinespace’s in-world currency]
• Second Place in Space or Alien Costume: 500 Gold

DJ Spiral rocking us into Space!

The location of the party will be the SOS world, but it will not be open until just before the event starts. Just click on the Explore button in your Sinespace client, search for “SOS”, and you’ll easily find it! If you’re new to Sinespace, here’s a guide I wrote up on how to get started; it’s intended for those familiar with Second Life, but it should work for anybody.

See you there!

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This blogpost is sponsored by Sinespace, and was written in my role as an embedded reporter for this virtual world (more details here).