Pick of the Day: Clockworks Club Demo

I first stumbled upon the Clockworks Club Demo (created by Galen) a couple of days ago, and I thought it was really cool. It reminded me of nights when I was in my thirties, hanging out in Winnipeg’s gay bars. This could easily become a regular hang-out spot for avatars to meet, talk, and dance in the future.

(I created this video of what I see in my Oculus Rift headset using the Oculus Mirror software and the OBS software. Please be kind, I am really a clueless newbie at this, I am not a video editor, and it is sort of “gonzo” video journalism! The nightclub video screen is playing a video of DJ Tiesto spinning “Confirmation” by Fred Baker & Nyram.)

Then I discovered from his Sansar Atlas listing that every light in the nightclub is scripted (using C#) to sync up with a configurable beat rate (BPM). Cool! Sansar users can now buy Galen’s control scripts from the Sansar Store and learn how to use them in their own Sansar experiences at his web site, Metaverse Machines.


Pick of the Day: oYo Mesh Studio Showroom

Oyo Showroom 1 7 August 2017

The oYo Mesh Studio Showroom is a good example of how to promote a brand using an experience in Sansar.  oYo is perhaps best known for their brands of breedable animals in Second Life, but they also appear to be creating and selling home furnishings and landscaping items for Sansar. And I have seen both oYo creators Cato and Alfy at various in-world meetings, sporting various innovative avatar attachments such as curly hair, cigarettes, bandannas and even a companion German Shepherd!

Their showroom for their Sansar products is a spacious modern home with exposed brickwork, hardwood floors and an adjoining pool. I can picture myself relaxing by the pool, sipping on something cool and watching the sun glint off the water. Inside the house are tasteful arrangements of home furnishings, with signs advertising prices in Sansar dollars.

Oyo Showroom 2 7 August 2017

For a second I thought the candles on the coffee table had particle flames, but it’s just very clever meshwork, created by adding an emissive map to provide a glow effect!

The house is surrounded by a colourful street scene with palm trees, building facades, even some construction scaffolding, and towering mountains in the background.

Oyo Showroom 3 7 August 2017

Everyone thinking about becoming a content creator and seller in Sansar (and let’s face it, that’s for whom the Sansar open creator beta is really intended) should visit the oYo Showroom now and take notes on how it’s done with class and style!


Pick of the Day: Connections

I’m feeling tired tonight (not surprising after a solid week of Sansar blogging!) and I want to put my feet up and binge-watch past episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race (I’ve just started on season five and the catfighting is already simply fierce!).

So I am going to “cheat” a little bit here and, instead of visiting a published Sansar experience and taking pictures to post here, I am going to point you to a well-done machinima by Sansar user Amelie Marcoud (here’s a link to her Flickr profile, she’s been quite busy taking video and pictures in both Sansar and Second Life!).

“Machinima”, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, is an art form where users use video games or virtual worlds (like Sansar) to create videos.  Second Life has long had a vibrant machinima culture, and Amelie Marcoud has carried that tradition over to Sansar with a wonderful machinima of the experience called Connections, created by virtual artist Cica Ghost.  It really wants to make you go in-world and visit that experience!  (I actually have visited there and wandered around a bit, last week.)

This YouTube video only has 36 views so far and it deserves a much, much wider audience.  Job well done, Amelie!  It was also great meeting you at the Atlas Hopping event yesterday too 🙂

Pick of the Day: Neptune’s Revenge and Rune

Rune by Maxwell Graf Sansar 5 August 2017

My Pick of the Day is actually two picks, but they are connected to each other so I am going to talk about them as one.  You can watch the video I made while exploring these two experiences in my Oculus Rift here on YouTube.

The two Sansar experiences in this video are called Neptune’s Revenge and Rune, and both were created by Maxwell Graf (the man behind the well-known brand Rustica in Second Life). Maxwell makes highly effective use of 360-degree video in evoking the sensation of being on a boat at sea during a raging storm. He also uses a teleporter to take you from the stormy sea to a safe harbour, Rune.

On Sunday I plan to interview Maxwell about his experiences being among the very first beta testers during the closed beta period of Sansar.  Stay tuned for that interview!