Atlas Hopping with Drax, Episode 14!

Can you believe it’s been FOURTEEN episodes already? Unfortunately, Strawberry Singh could not join us today, but Drax was his usual genial (and loquacious) self as host!

114 Harvest 25 Nov 2017.jpg

Today, we gathered at 114 Harvest (see the picture above), and we visited the following Sansar experiences:

Here’s a few shots of us exploring Minimalisms:

Minimalisms 25 Nov 2017.jpg

Minimalisms 2 25 Nov 2017.jpg

Minimalisms 3 25 Nov 2017

Unfortunately, I crashed out of Sansar twice while playing soccer at the 5-A-Side Soccer Stadium, so my Atlas Hopping journey ended earlier than planned!

Note that Daisy Gator (well-known from Second Life, wearing the gator head) joined us today! Also, one of the people who joined our Atlas Hopping today was Amr, who was connecting from Egypt!

Here is Drax’s livestream of today’s event:

Scene of the Day: 5-A-Side Soccer Stadium

Five A Side Soccer Stadium 23 Sept 2017

This is 5-A-Side Soccer Stadium, where you and your friends can play a game of soccer. The creator, JackTheRipper, says:

Play 5-a-side Soccer (Football) with your buddies or just have a kick-about in the 5-A-Side stadium. First team to net 3 balls is the winner!