Pick of the Day: Arena Live Music Stage

Arena Live Music Stage 1 21 Nov 2017.jpg

Alfy has created an experience called the Arena Live Music Stage, and as the name attests, he has invited musical artists to come and perform live! The overall decor is varied and eclectic, with everything from rotating spotlights, to statues holding torches aloft, to large animated billboards, and an array of dancing emojis:

Arena Live Music Stage 2 21 Nov 2017.jpg

Alfy is to be commended for stepping up and creating live music events in Sansar. Watch the Sansar Newsblog for news on coming events!

Atlas Hopping with Drax, Episode Twelve!

We started our journey with a revisit to Silas Merlin’s art experience, Felsenmeer, I was happy to see that Silas had added to his experience, here are some photos of the new art:

Felsenmeer 2 11 Nov 2017Felsenmeer 3 11 Nov 2017Felsenmeer 11 Nov 2017

Our next stop was the Arena Live Music Stage, created by Alfy. Vinne (a.k.a. Acoustic Rhapsody in SL) was performing for an appreciative crowd of fifteen avatars, including many new people I had never met before (I was sending out friend requests like crazy!).

Alfy's Arena 2 11 Nov 2017Alfy's Arena 3 11 Nov 2017Alfy's Arena 11 Nov 2017

After Vinnie wraps up his hour-long performance, musical artist Suzen Juel (who like Vinnie also performs in Second Life) takes the stage at 12 noon Sansar Time/Pacific Time. If you have time, please do come down and enjoy the music!

Drax’s livestream of our Atlas Hopping is here. A group followed Drax, left the still-ongoing concert at the Arena, and went to a new experience called Ivo’s Call, by Ravioli. From there they went on to visit a fourth experience called Anu, by Anu Amun.