Art Gate: A Brief Introduction

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Art Gate bills itself as “a virtual reality marketplace for collectors to acquire post-war and contemporary art”, and it is a social VR platform for museum and gallery exhibitions, where exhibitors can upload and display both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. According to their FAQ:

Is it social?

Yes. You can see people from all over the world who are also exploring the collections via their VR headsets if you are in the public lobby.

How much does it cost?

Art Gate VR is free for the audience to download, explore, and use. For exhibitors, please refer to our pricing page.

Art Gate Pricing Plans

Art Gate is available for the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest VR headsets. For Quest users, you must install the client software using SideQuest, while Oculus Go users can download the software from the Oculus Store.

In addition to their website, you can follow Art Gate on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. I will be adding Art Gate to my comprehensive list of social VR/virtual worlds.

Cryptovoxels’ Burgeoning Art Scene

Were you aware that the blockchain-based virtual world Cryptovoxels has a flourishing art scene?

Commissioned Crypto Art Gallery by Alotta Money
(from a tweet by Conlan Rios)

More and more often, I see announcements about art galleries and installations in Cryptovoxels, both regular art and blockchain art (the production of which is described at length in this article). Good sources of information about openings and events are the official Cryptovoxels Twitter and Discord channels.

The PROOFofARTWORK Gallery by Hans Benzin in Cryptovoxels

If you are looking for galleries to explore, I can suggest no better place to start than Listed: Blockchain Art Galleries on, a directory of approximately forty galleries to visit. Or you can take the new Cryptovoxels Art Tour (CAT), which has an official guide book to approximately 30 art galleries. You can hop directly into each gallery from the guide book!

Limited-Edition Art Gallery by Jonathan the Designer (from the Listed list above)