Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Six Free Christmas Trees from LeLutka!

I remember what most Christmas trees looked like when I first started out in Second Life, way, waaay back in 2007. To put it mildly, in the old pre-mesh days, they were not pretty. I loaded up one of my oldest avatars and did some rummaging through his oldest inventory items, to find an example of the sort of thing that we had to put up (and put up with) at Christmastime:

A Second Life Christmas tree, circa 2007: Essentially, two intersecting flat images
The same Christmas tree, as seen from the top (The horror. THE HORROR….)

Well, we have clearly come a long, long way from ye olden tymes! What if I told you, that you could pick up not one, not two, but six beautiful, fully-decorated, fully-mesh Christmas trees to adorn your virtual home?

Simply join the LeLutka group for free, go to the notices, and look for one that says “LeLUTKA Tree Delivery 2020” and click on the Open Attachment button (see red arrows below):

Take the box out of your inventory, open it, and inside you will find six Christmas trees, a free gift from LeLutka, one for each of the years from 2015 to 2020!

The LeLutka Christmas trees from 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018

The trees are resizable to any height you desire, and all come with a pot and, in some cases, a lovely tree skirt.

The LeLutka Christmas trees from 2019 and 2020

So, if you have been searching for the perfect Christmas tree to decorate your abode, why not pick up these freebies, before you spend hundreds, even thousands of Linden dollars, on Christmas trees and ornaments from other places?

O Tannenbaum (traditional German Christmas carol with English subtitles)

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Christmas Gifts from the Cosmopolitan Event (and Advent Gifts for December 17th)

Another December event which offers lots of gifts for freebie fashionistas is the current round of the biweekly Cosmopolitan shopping event, which runs from the 16th to the 28th of December. It’s only two weeks long, shorter than other events, so be sure not to miss it!

Just inside the entrance to the event is a huge Christmas tree, with stockings you click on to receive the presents. (You do have to join the Cosmopolitan group for free to pick up these gifts.)

Participating vendors are adding stockings to the tree every day between now and Christmas, so I would advise dropping by on Christmas Day and picking up everything at once.

If you insist on visiting every day, the layout of the stockings around the tree can be somewhat confusing compared to traditional Advent calendars, and you might land up collecting the same gifts multiple times. You might want to use this tip provided by SL blogger Chic Aeon: once you have clicked on a stocking and received its gift, right click on it, Select More from the pie menu, select More again, then select Derender, then Blacklist. You will no longer be able to see that stocking on return visits! (These are the instructions for the Firestorm viewer; I do not know what the equivalent is for the standard Second Life viewer.) This is a genius tip! Thanks, Chic!

Cat Pink SL has already posted a YouTube video with a look at a few of the early gifts from the Cosmopolitan Christmas tree, so I am not going to bother posting pictures of the presents here:

Today Vanity Fair is wearing two Advent calendar gifts for Dec. 17th:

  • The lovely Nola dress which comes with a separate black bolero jacket, from Virtue. The calendar requires you to join the Virtue group, which is free to join.
  • The Osaka shoes in riverside blue from Essenz. The shoes comes with a HUD to change the colour of the sole (4 colours), the metals (4 textures), and the flowers (26 colour options!). The calendar requires that you join the Essenz group for L$350, but I believe there is an option for non-group members to purchase each day’s gift for L$50.

Vanity Fair is also wearing:

Happy freebie hunting!