“After a nuclear holocaust, all that will be left are Cher and cockroaches”: The Wastelands Celebrates Its 13th Anniversary in Second Life

As Wagner James Au reported on his blog New World Notes, the post-apocalyptic roleplay sim The Wastelands is celebrating its 13th anniversary this weekend. The Wastelands is the oldest and largest post-apocalyptic themed estate within Second Life, consisting of 10 sims.

A map of The Wastelands

So I thought it might be fun to trot out my Cher lookalike avatar, complete with animated cockroaches, to party like it’s 1999!

There used to be a store in Second Life called Body Doubles, where you could buy a (classic, system) avatar shape along with a notecard with details on where to get skin, hair, eyes, etc. to build a perfect duplicate of your celebrity crush. I think I got pretty close to the real thing! 😉

Here she is in action, courtesy of a wonderful animated microphone I originally picked up for my Elvis Presley impersonator avatar 😛 good thing it’s transferable!

“After a nuclear holocaust, all that will be left are Cher and cockroaches”

If you want to join in the fun and festivities, here’s the complete schedule of events in The Wastelands. And if you want more information about the project, here’s their website and their wiki.