The Questing Release: Linden Lab Issues a Major Update to Sansar, Including Dressable Custom Avatars

Today, Linden Lab issued a major update to the Sansar client. You can find all the details here.

The major new addition to Sansar is questing: the ability to set up a series of steps which your avatar completes, in order to win a reward of Sansar dollars (I’m assuming there will be other kinds of rewards in future). Your first quest is to go to the Sansar Social Hub and click on a terminal, and as you complete quests, you can return to the two terminals at the Social Hub to receive more quests related to exploring various Sansar experiences:

This is the start of a complete questing system built into Sansar, which other developers will soon be able to use to create their own quests, hunts, and adventures. It’s intended to be a serious tool for game-builders in Sansar, and I think it’s a welcome addition.

Among the many other updates is the ability to clothe a custom avatar using Marvelous Designer-made clothing. (Note that dressable human avatars have been available for quite a while now; what I’m talking about now is a brand new thing, dressable custom avatars.)

Here’s an example to illustrate the power of this new system, a free skeleton custom avatar by Snow from the Sansar Store (note the new message that you can add Marvelous Designer created clothing to the custom avatar, but the fit will depend on the shape of the avatar):

I selected the skeleton avatar from Lookbook, and added a T-shirt, then clicked the Adjust Clothing button. The T-shirt drapes naturally over the skeleton, and I can adjust it as if I were a humanoid avatar!

Here’s a closeup. You can actually see how the T-shirt hangs on the shoulder blades! This is so cool!

Here’s another example, that should really pull the VRChat crowd into Sansar: custom anime avatars which you can dress as you like!

Also, if you press the Space bar on your keyboard, your avatar jumps. A small thing, but handy at times (you’ll use it immediately on one of the quests). Oh, and you can now also tint the skin of your male and female human avatars to any colour you wish, using the same colour wheel method already used for tinting your hair and nails.


Metaverse Newscast Episode 5: My Interview with Chris McBride, Winner of the Best Avatar Contest in High Fidelity

Last October in High Fidelity (before the FUTVRE LANDS VR Festival was held), there was a Best Avatar Contest held at one of the monthly stress-testing events. The winner of that contest was Chris McBride, for his Ganesha elephant god avatar. In episode 5 of the Metaverse Newscast, I interview Chris about his creations in his domain, Ozone:

Enjoy! And I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my producer and cameraman Andrew William for all his tireless work in pulling this video series together.

Winners of the Custom Avatar Contest in Sansar

Avatars Dancing on Stage 10 Aug 2018.png
Avatars Dancing on Stage at the Custom Avatar Contest

Today was the Custom Avatar Contest in Sansar, held at Loz Hyde’s The Grand Hall and Gardens experience. Forty-five avatars showed up, possibly making this the largest single crowd in Sansar in quite some time!

There were a number of wonderfully creative custom avatars on display, but some of them decided not to enter the contest for whatever reason. This meant that there were very few contestants in some categories! Chaos reigned for a little while.

The winners of the five categories were:

  • Best Looking Avatar: C3rb3rus, who created a wonderful Egyptian Anubis avatar
  • Funniest Avatar: Missy, who showed up in a huge, square, somewhat warped animal avatar she created using Marvelous Designer
  • Most Surreal Avatar: Silas Merlin’s Sunflower Man, called Memento Mori
  • Most Innovative Avatar: Snow’s Robot Eating Pizza avatar
  • Best Original Design: KandyBrainz’ Yolandastein avatar (which comes in either aqua or pink)

Each winner received 5,000 Sansar dollars (worth about US$50). Congratulations to all the winners, and all the contestants!

Sansar Store Spotlight: The First Custom Avatars Have Appeared in the Sansar Store!

Well, that didn’t take very long at all! Less than 48 hours after the latest update to Sansar (which allowed you to create your own custom avatars), and the first custom avatars are already available for sale from the Sansar Store!

First up is Ravioli’s gargoyle avatar, which is FREE:

Gargoyls Custom Avatar 20 July 2018.png

Then there’s Fabeeo Breen’s zombie avatar, which is also FREE:

Zombie Custom Avatar 20 July 2018.png

And following quickly on Fabeeo’s heels was Nya Alchemi, who released a cute boar avatar, which is also FREE:

Boar Custom Avatar 20 July 2018.png

Also up is a Frankenstein-inspired female monster avatar called “Yolandenstein”, for sale for S$5,000 (US$50):

Yolandenstein Custom Avatar 20 JUly 2018.png

By the way, here’s a link to the new Avatars section of the Sansar Store. (Check back often to see what’s new!)

So I bought all three free avatars and went into Sansar to try them on. There’s a new section under the Avatar tab in the Lookbook which allows you to select a custom avatar:

Custom Avatar 20 July 2018.png

Just click on the custom avatar you want to wear, et voilà ! Be sure to click the Done button at the bottom to save your changes:

Custom Avatar 2 20 July 2018.png

(Note that you will not be able to wear any human clothing on a custom avatar, as it is essentially a single piece wearable. The clothing must be part of the avatar.)

Here’s my boar avatar at Nya Alchemi’s S.L.A.R.P. experience:

Boar Avatar 20 July 2018.png