NeosVR Demonstrates Its Full-Body Tracking Feature In a New Music Video

Full-body tracking is not a new feature in social VR (VRChat, High Fidelity, and Sansar all already support it), but it’s still worthwhile to watch this video by Reactant VR of the full-body tracking in NeosVR:

The vlogger talks about how NeosVR lets you adjust every aspect of how tracking works to the specific dimensions of your avatar (a feature that other platforms like VRChat don’t offer yet). His setup consists of a Vive Pro Eye headset with a Modmic 5 microphone, plus eight Vive tracker “pucks” (on his chest, elbows, hips, knees, and feet), Valve Index controllers which track individual finger movemens, and a Vive wireless adapter so he is not encumbered by a VR headset cable. It’s quite amazing to me just how expressive his avatar can be!

NeosVR shows off that full-body tracking to good effect in this new music video, which also shows you a little bit of how you calibrate your avatar beforehand so its movements look as natural as possible:

Very cool! Also, effective from this blogpost forward, I will have a new blog category just for NeosVR. (I will try to add that new category to all my previous blogposts about NeosVR, when I have time.)

Sansar Update: Full-Body Tracking, Avatar Scaling and More!

Today Linden Lab issued an update to the Sansar client software. It is now possible to add full-body tracking to your avatar by using Vive trackers. For example, you can add trackers to your hips and feet to show avatar leg movement that mimics your movements in the real world. (Here’s an example from VRChat.)

Vive Trackers

It’s just one of several avatar gameplay improvements:

Desktop Avatar Control options – Desktop users can now use two new settings to customize the way their Avatar moves with the Keyboard and Mouse.

Keyboard Turn – With this setting enabled the Avatar will turn left and right when pressing A/D (left/right) instead of strafing (sidestepping).

Face Forward – With this setting enabled the Avatar will always face the direction the camera is facing.

Note – Old default behavior was equivalent to Keyboard Turn = Off and Face Forward = On. New default behavior is the opposite.

Desktop throw indicator – Desktop users can now throw with ease with the new throw trajectory guide that will help to throw with accuracy. You can also use the mouse’s scroll wheel to manually adjust the strength/power of the throw.

Ability to crouch – Experience Sansar like no one ever has before. Use crouching to sneak up on your friends or squeeze below low ceilings.

Also, you can now scale your avatar up or down in size. The scale slider appears in the Lookbook under Settings:

You can grow your avatar up to 1.25 times the default size, or shrink him down to half-size! Avatar scale is saved with the outfits you save in your Lookbook, so if you toggle between avatars and outfits you also toggle between the scales set as a part of each one. So you can switch quickly between a tiny fairy and a large giant!

There’s much more in this latest release. You can read all the details here.