Stupid Sansar Tricks: Baby Walking

At yesterday’s product meetup at Witchy’s Upside Down, Tyler Scarborough announced that he has discovered a new form of locomotion in Sansar: the baby walk. He had us all laughing as he demonstrated how, by just barely touching the arrow keys on his XBOX controller, he could make his avatar slowly move forward in tiny, baby steps!

Well, Ravioli said “hold my beer”, whipped up a walker as an avatar attachment, et voilà!

Baby Walking in Sansar

Sansar for MS-DOS!

In the 114 Harvest user group on Facebook, Second Life artist FreeWee Ling has posted a very funny picture: the secret version of Sansar for MS-DOS! (This is a tongue-in-cheek response to a recent post by an irate Mac user who demanded to know why there was as yet no Sansar client for the Mac. As I have already explained, asking Linden Lab to provide native Mac support for virtual reality gear that currently only exists in a Windows hardware configuration is absurd.)

Sansar for MS-DOS

FreeWee says:

For an extra thrill you can use an amber monitor instead of the green phosphor. Print your screens to a dot-matrix printer on fan-fold paper and mail them to your friends. Or if you’re really connected, send ASCII text by batch email over your 512 baud modem (assuming you’ve programmed your Procomm connection strings correctly) to your neighbor’s BBS and have it delivered overnight when the long distance phone rates are lower. Or talk about it on usenet forum…. The future was now!

This is bringing back memories of my very first personal computer, a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III with a whopping 16 kilobytes of RAM (that’s kilobytes, not megabytes), a 300-baud acoustic coupler modem, and a Radio Shack cassette player for data storage!