Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Under My Umbrella

Have you joined the Steals, Deals & Freebies group yet? I will be posting EVEN MORE news and tips on finding fabulous freebies and bargains in Second Life than I post here on the blog! More information on this brand new SL group here.

I don’t usually bother to write up a whole blogpost about a single freebie, but in this case, it’s such a nice, useful one that I am going to make an exception. It’s a unisex black vintage umbrella, which alternates between the following open and closed poses when you click on it. (Both open and closed poses are Bento and control the left arm only, so they should work with any animation override/AO you happen to be using.)

And where, pray tell, might someone pick up such a wonderful vintage umbrella? Teleport to the Engine Room shopping event, which is on from now until October 20th, 2021, join the Second Life Syndicate group for free, then head over to the HotDog booth, and click the gift box shown here:

Here’s the exact SLURL to the HotDog booth. The sim has a central spawn point, so you’ll have to save the SLURL to your Second Life inventory, right click on it, select “Show on Map” from the drop-down menu which appears, then follow the red arrow in your viewer to locate the booth.

The avatar in these pictures is also wearing:

  • Mesh Head: LeLutka Lilly head (which I picked up as a free group gift last December)
  • Mesh Body: The Meshbody Classic body (only L$1; more details here)
  • Skin: Barbara skin from LERONSO Skins (free group gift, which includes a package of Bakes on Mesh body skin; the LERONSO group is free to join)
  • Hair: Octave hair in blacks from Analog Dog (L$290)
  • Dress: this lovely black harness dress is a free gift from Equalizer Magazine (just click on the magazine stand where it says “Touch to join our group” and it will be delivered to you in a package along with a men’s gift)
  • Shoes: Wales pumps by Essenz (which I picked up as a free group gift, joining the group when they advertised a free group join period last year)
  • Animation Override: This is a graceful, old AO for empire-waist gowns by PixelDolls (remember them?), a store which has been long gone from the grid, but still exists on the SL Marketplace (it comes included with the Innocent Dans L’Amour gown for L$150, and I find I use it all the time with dresses and gowns). Please see this blogpost for more tips, tricks, and tools to avoid having your Second Life avatar’s arms hang down into the skirts of your outfits—one of my pet peeves! 😉


Happy freebie shopping!

Note: the first two pictures were taken at the aptly-named Rainy Alley club in Second Life…and be sure to clamber down the manhole in the middle of the rainy alley!