HoverDerby Tournament, Week 3!

I am again a spectator at today’s third week of the regular HoverDerby tournament, hosted again by Jasmine, Galen, and Drax! I am watching the games from the separate HoverDerby Lounge experience, which has a screen with a livestream feed by Drax:

HoverDerby Spectator Lounge 15 Apr 2018

One of the new features I really like, is that Galen can now highlight individual players in the overhead camera view of the playing field, which makes it easier to see who the commentators are talking about. Very nice feature!

Jasmine has now released her line of Official HoverDerby merchandise in the Sansar Store, so go check it out and buy something to support this worthwhile esports endeavour!

HoverDerby Store 15 Apr 2018.jpg

(Zafia Vesta has also released some cool sci-fi outfits for HoverDerby players. These wonderful bio-armour outfits are not official HoverDerby items, but Zafia does have the necessary permissions to use the HoverDerby logo and brand. Check them out too.)

Today’s winners of HoverDerby are SaintOfMirren and WILD. Congratulations!

Here is Drax’s livestream of the event:

Win Cash Playing HoverDerby!

HoverDerby logo 8 Apr 2018

I’ve blogged about HoverDerby several times before, but one thing that I haven’t mentioned yet is that you can win REAL MONEY by playing and winning tournaments!

The weekly prizes are US$50 total, split into $30 for first prize and $20 for second prize. Winners are paid via Paypal, as there’s currently no way to pay avatars directly in Sansar. (But that’s coming!)

There is a stipulation before you can compete. Galen, the scripter behind the game, says:

Remember that everyone who has attended at least one practice and logged at least one game is eligible to compete today.

Practices and training sessions are held Mondays through Fridays at 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time/Sansar Time. Make friends and start crafting your own HoverDerby teams!

Tournaments are held every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time/Sansar Time at the HoverDerby experience. Spectators can watch the game from the new HoverDerby Lounge experience.

See you there! Or, if you prefer, you can watch Drax’s livestream of the event on YouTube! Here’s the link.

As always, you can get more information from the HoverDerby website.