Atlas Hopping Episode Eight, with Strawberry Singh

Drax was off sick and I completely forgot about it this past Saturday, but fortunately, Strawberry Singh didn’t forget!

So here is Strawberry’s livestream of Episode Eight of Atlas Hopping in Sansar! In this episode she, Richardus Raymaker, and their merry band of adventurers visited five different experiences:

The party seems to have had more than their fair share of technical difficulties this time around!

Pick of the Day: M2D Organic

M2D Organic 3 4 September 2017

Although earlier I had shared a machinima of this Sansar experience, I haven’t yet selected it as my Pick of the Day. M2D Organic is a wonderful dark alien landscape created by Mario2 Helstein. It’s mostly grey organic shapes with splashes of colour here and there. It kind of reminds me of the inside of a human cell. Worth a visit! Look for it near the top of the Sansar Atlas listings.

M2D Organic 1 4 September 2017M2D Organic 2 4 September 2017M2D Organic 4 4 September 2017