Teemew: A Brief Introduction

Teemew is yet another remote teams virtual reality app (YARTVRA), which was mentioned as a social VR platform in the 2019 infographic published by the San Francisco-based venture capital firm The Venture Reality Fund (which is available here):

There’s precious little information about the product on their website. They say their VR meeting software has the following features:

– Fast and easy meeting creation
– Advanced meeting management controls
– A complete set of collaborative tools
– Share and work efficiently
– Full avatar and room customization

According to their website, Teemew supports the following hardware:

But all I can find on their website is this page, which is in French and only seems to talk about their mobile app. If it works with Gear, Oculus, PlayStation and HTC Vive, where are the details? I can’t find Teemew on the Oculus Store or on Steam.

Teemew is a subsidiary of the French company Manzalab:

Manzalab is French SME specialized in the creation of innovative Serious Games for education and training, based on the most recent findings of neuroscientists studying the human brain learning processes. Manzalab partners and team have developed strong expertise in:
– Knowledge of human brain learning processes
– Pedagogy and professional training
– Game design
– Video game production
– Creative graphic design
– Virtual Reality

Here’s their website. And here’s a brief 2017 promotional video from Manzalab on Vimeo:

A well produced video, but it doesn’t really tell you much. Frankly, I am getting tired (and rather suspicious) of companies who issue slickly-produced promotional videos, with little to no actual technical details of their product. Watching people dance around in VR headsets does not tell me anything about the product!

I can’t find diddlysquat about their VR meeting product anywhere, except for the images I used here. There’s lots of fancy handwaving about “4.0 technologies”, but little actual substance:

So I give up. If there’s an actual YARTVRA product here, I can’t find it. I’m adding it to my list of social VR/virtual worlds, but until I see proof of a VR app, I’m not going to bother adding an asterisk to it to indicate it supports virtual reality. I smell vapourware.