DCLPlazas Unveils a New Interactive Map of Decentraland

The DCLPlazas blog has a new interactive map of Genesis City (the name of the city in Decentraland, the blockchain-based virtual world):

The Decentraland beta testing is now in full flow. New builds, games and projects are popping up all over the metaverse on a weekly basis. However, it’s still early days and there remains vast, empty areas on the map, with very little to view and experience right now.

If you have time to wander around Decentraland looking for cool new builds, great. If you don’t, then wouldn’t it be nice to have a map which can guide you around some of the best experiences which have already been deployed?

Introducing the new Decentraland interactive map, located at the top of our new, freshly designed homepage HERE. Click the [ ] symbol to view the map full-screen.

This interactive map currently highlights a range of areas where you can click, zoom in, view a snapshot, then click to teleport directly into the exact location in metaverse (currently beta testers only) and explore.

Here’s what the newly-redesigned home page of DCLPlazas looks like, with the new map front and centre:

Click on the [] button in the upper left-hand corner of the map, and it expands to a full-screen view:

You can scroll and zoom the map. In this example, I scrolled down to the bottom left-hand corner of the map, zoomed in, and clicked on the little blue dot of Celestialand, a virtual planetarium. A pop-up window gives a small picture and a link to teleport directly to that location (red arrow):

One click, et voilà! You’re there! (Please note that you do have to already be accepted into the closed beta program for this to work.)

If you wish to suggest a location to be added to this map, you can do so using this form.

This is a very handy new tool for Decentraland explorers!