Sansar Pick of the Day: Moon Glider

Moon Glider 14 May 2018.png

Moon Glider is a very soothing, futuristic Sansar experience created by Vassay. It’s very simple: you are on a large spaceship,  gliding along a blue beam of light through an alien geometric landscape under a starry sky.

Moon GLider 3 14 May 2018.png

The inspiration for Vassay’s creation was the Solar Sailer from the movie Tron. Vassay says:

There’s a play area, and a meditation area on board. Also, may I ask, did you try diving? If not, you might like it :wink: Also #2, did you find three small easter egg items?

Actually, I didn’t find them! Maybe you’ll have better luck.

Sansar Atlas Hopping, Episode 34!

Colossus Rising Atlas Hopping 22 Apr 2018.png
Atlas Hopping at Colossus Rising (Picture by Mijeka Munro)

Unfortunately, I had to miss yesterday’s Atlas Hopping with Draxtor Despres and Strawberry Singh. (I am now watching Drax’s livestream, and I am enjoying it immensely! Silas Merlin made Drax a wonderful blue dragon avatar.)

The avid atlas hoppers visited the following Sansar experiences, all except the last created by Sansar Studios, the in-house design team at Linden Lab:

Jason Gholston, the head of Sansar Studios, joined the group at the Colossus Rising experience, where Drax interviewed him.

Here’s Drax’s livestream:

And here’s Strawberry’s livestream: