How to Customize Your T-Shirt in Facebook Spaces

Look, it’s really no secret that I hate Facebook Spaces. I just can’t get past the cartoony avatars, and the fact that your avatar is essentially stuck sitting around a table in a 360-degree photograph. Even their recent avatar makeover didn’t impress me much.

As I have said before, true social VR should allow your avatar to move around freely, which most of the platforms in this social VR comparison chart I created yesterday permit you to do. There are products out there with much, much better features than Facebook Spaces.

But some people love Facebook Spaces! One of them is Navah Berg, and she’s a digital marketing professional with an interest in social VR (LinkedIn profile) who is eager to share her knowledge of Facebook’s social VR platform.

She’s written up a very detailed post on Medium that outlines how you can customize your T-shirt in Facebook Spaces:

Types of Images that are T-Shirt Ready for Facebook Spaces:

 Selfies from Facebook Spaces taken and shared,

— Images that have been shared or uploaded to your Timeline/Facebook Newsfeed or Facebook Stories from

 Recently tagged photos of you on your Timeline/Facebook Newsfeed

— Search in Social VR. Images in the search 🔍 section

Here’s one of her results:


Now, I have to admit that this is really cute. However, being able to customize your T-shirt does not compare with the full-blown avatar fashion market that is already available in Sansar and Sinespace.

So, unfortunately, this is not enough to turn me into a fan of Facebook Spaces. (Sorry, Navah!)