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Hello, I’m Ryan Schultz, and you’re probably here because of that article that Patty Marx wrote for the December 9th, 2019 issue of New Yorker magazine, titled Taking Virtual Reality for a Test Drive*, where she mentions me and takes a quote from my blog:

… I decided to try a social VR platform. These digital 3-D stomping grounds allow groups of people, represented by avatars, to gather in real time for concerts, sporting events, dance parties, writing workshops, or meetings, or just to hang out. Ryan Schultz, a reference librarian at the University of Manitoba and a VR blogger, credits them with lifting his depression. Describing himself in the realm outside his Oculus, he wrote, “To be honest, I kinda suck at this whole reality business.” Now he straddles both cosmos, a recent high point being an evening in which he joined five hundred avatars in a marathon game of drag-queen bingo.

*If you are reading the paper edition of New Yorker magazine, Patty Marx’s article is titled The Realer Real, and it starts on page 22.

Since July 31st, 2017, I have been writing a blog about social VR, virtual worlds, and the metaverse (you can find my definitions of those and other terms here). I specialize in writing about a particular niche of virtual reality, called social VR: open-ended social experiences in virtual reality that you can share with other users who are on desktop or in VR (as opposed to games, although social VR can also include games).

If you’re new here, there are five different ways to explore my blog:

In addition to my blog, I am the host of a fledgling YouTube show called the Metaverse Newscast, where I interview the personalities behind social VR, virtual worlds and the metaverse, on the various platforms.

I invite you to join the RyanSchultz.com Discord server, the world’s first cross-worlds discussion forum! Over 300 people from around the world, representing many different social VR platforms and virtual worlds, meet daily to chat, discuss, debate, and argue about the ever-evolving metaverse and companies building it.

And effective Nov. 20th, 2019, I am the embedded reporter for the new virtual world Sinespace, writing about the people, news and events on that platform! Sinespace supports both desktop and VR users.

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