Editorial: “Look at Your Life, Look at Your Choices”

The universe seems to be telling me that I need to look at my life and my choices:

While getting dressed for work today, I ripped the only wearable pair of pants I had for work, which necessitated an emergency trip to the local Mr. Big & Tall (and yes, I’m both) for several new pair of dress slacks. And, to add insult to injury, I discovered that I have gone up a pant size.

Despite the lovingly-crafted, beautifully-worded mission statement I wrote when I went on a Seven Habits of Highly Effective People bender several years ago, my life is still seriously out-of-balance. I spend too much time working (both at my paying job and on this blog), and too little time attending to all the other things that need my attention.

I need to haul my raggedy ass back to Weight Watchers before I gain even more weight. I need to clean my Red Cross disaster area of an apartment before the dust bunnies attack me. And yes, I need to take a serious look at my life, and a hard look at the choices I am making.

I’m just a stupid bitch. And it’s not like I am lacking in sassy gay friends, in either my real life or my virtual one 😉

What I do need to do (and let’s face it, I’m not alone in this) is listen to my inner Sassy Gay Friend…and become my own Sassy Gay Friend.