Reminder: Check Your Email for Your Sansar Dollar Refund

This is just a reminder that, if you spent any money on the Sansar Store for Avatar 1.0 avatars, or rigged hair and rigged clothing for Avatar 1.0 avatars, you should check the email associated with your account for a refund of the Sansar dollars you spent on those items:

Please note that this refund does not apply to clothing created using the Marvelous Designer software, as it can be adjusted to fit Avatar 2.0 avatars using the new Transform Item button on the Worn Items window (although it is a rather fiddly, finicky process).

If you can’t find the email from Linden Lab informing you of your refund, please check your spam folder (that’s where I found mine). Also, there may be a bit of delay; some people report that they haven’t received their email yet.