Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: The Crystal Heart Festival and the World of Mahou Shoujo

Did you know that I run a Second Life group telling you about the best steals, deals, and freebies on the grid, including many finds which I don’t write about on the blog? Here’s how you can join the group.

Second Life is home to any number of regular shopping events, but The Crystal Heart Festival is unique, with a strong emphasis on mahou shoujo, Japanese magical girls, (also kawaii, the Japanese culture of cuteness). You can pick up dozens of free gifts at each vendor booth at the shopping festival (no group needed).

The festival creator writes:

Welcome to the Crystal Heart! We are bringing the magic back to Second Life annually as a fantasy-themed fair. Magical Girls and the Witches who loom in the darkness form the focus of our event, but in the spirit of our magical guardians our doors are open to mermaids, fairies and more!

The Crystal Heart is a passion born from a lifelong influence of mahou shoujo (magical girl anime) that is a tribute to the innocent wonder it instilled in my childhood.  My love stems from anime like Card Captor Sakura and Pretty Cure to Western-themed media like Winx Club, and of course Sailor Moon. That passion has allowed me to bring the Crystal Heart back time and again to celebrate our 6th year! In that time we have worked with over 150 stores, designers, and creative minds who have all collaborated to bring the beauty and charm of this mystical event to life.

Thank you for your endless support since the beginning.


Now, I am not what you would call a kawaii guy 😉 but every so often I find a freebie that brings me joy, and gives the perfect finishing touch to an outfit! And the gift from Jinx is this delightful animated seahorse, which levitates in the palm of your hand!

You can pick up this delightful animated seahorse for free from the Jinx booth at the Crystal Heart Festival (styling credits for my mermaid avatar can be found here)

My mermaid alt is now complete! It’s ridiculous how much creative satisfaction pulling together a head-to-toe avatar makeover brings me (you can find all those blogposts here, if you’re interested in perusing the whole series).

Cat Pink has released another one of her YouTube videos, showing off all the gifts you can pick up at the Crystal Heart Festival:

So why not set aside your worldly cares for a little while, and be a magical girl? Hey, even the official webpage for Second Life is embracing it!

The new Second Life homepage in Japanese also features a magical girl!

Happy freebie shopping!

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: The Freebie “F” Store

If you’re looking for some Japanese style, ranging from traditional to kawaii to edgy ultramodern, check out the Freebie “F” store. Most of the items on display are either freebies or dollarbies, but please check the price before you buy! Some items cost 20 or even 50 Linden dollars (although these are usually clearly marked). There is clothing available here for all genders of avatars, something for absolutely everyone!

I was quite taken with this oversize jacket with a Japanese kabuki mask print by Haori, which comes in eight different prints, all free:

In this picture, my drag queen avatar MissDrag is wearing:

  • Mesh Head and Body, Black Nailpolish, and Black Jeans Applier: Romeo by Altamura (Valentine’s Day group gift)
  • Jacket: Japanese print jacket by Haori (free from the Freebie “F” store)
  • Brooch: Gadot brooch by Heth Haute Couture (free group gift)
  • Mesh Feet and Shoes: black chained sandal by Ydea (free from The Free Dove at this exact SLURL; just the thing to hide those masculine feet!)
  • Hair: Lilak by FABIA (free group gift)
  • Drag Queen Makeup: Vanilla makeup set by Dotty’s Secret