Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Free Menswear from the Gabriel FREE BEE Store!

It can sometimes be hard to find good quality, free menswear in Second Life, so you might be interested to know that Gabriel has set up a new freebie store (called, appropriately enough, the FREE BEE store), right next door to the main store. Here you can pick up a wide variety of high-quality, free menswear for your male avatar. So I decided to pop in with my main male avatar, Heath Homewood, to model some of the clothing you can obtain here!

Please note that most of the menswear comes in standard sizing only (XS, S, M, L, XL), intended for classic, system avatars, but which should also fit most brands of male mesh avatars if you use the alpha sections on the HUD which came with your body. A few items do come in sizes to fit the male Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni, Slink and Meshbody Classic/TMP mesh bodies. (Heath has a Belleza Jake body in these pictures.)

First up, we have three separate items combined to make a casual outfit:

  • a demin zip jacket (light blue as shown or dark grey versions, in Jake, Gianni, Slink, and TMP sizes);
  • chino pants (which come in khaki, olive, orange, and dark blue; standard sizing); and
  • boat shoes (camel, red-brown, and red with 4 textures each; one size only, but they are unrigged/adjustable, and resizable via menu when you click on them):
(Please note: the blue T-shirt under the jacket is a separate applier, and is not available at the Gabriel FREE BEE store.)

Heath now models a summertime look, consisting of:

  • the strap open shirt (white, grey, black, in sizes to fit Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni, Meshbody Class/TMP, and Slink); and
  • the half denim pants (white, black, light wash blue, indigo blue, dark indigo; standard sizing: XS, S, M, L, and XL):

Here’s a wintertime look, with the same boat shoes as before, plus:

  • the double-long coat set (consisting of four separate pieces: coat, the sweater under the coat, the shirt under the coat with a texture HUD, and a scarf with a texture HUD). The coat comes in dark blue as shown, plus olive, pearl grey, light brown, and black, and the coat, sweater, shirt, and scarf all come in standard sizing (XXS, XS, S, M, and L-XL). The mix-and-match possibilities are endless!
  • “sagging” jeans (which come in black, white, indigo blue denim, dark indigo denim, light wash denim, dark wash denim; standard sizing: XS, S, M, L, XL).

Finally, we have this formal three-piece suit with a subtle pinstripe, which comes in dark grey or black as shown (this is all one piece, and comes in standard sizes XS, S, M, and L-XL; the black dress shoes and socks Heath is wearing are not included):

Stripe three-piece suit in black
Stripe three-piece suit in dark grey

There are many. many more items of menswear in the Gabriel Free Bee store, so be sure to check it out! Here’s your taxi.

UPDATE Jan. 11th, 2022: Here’s two more free outfits from the Gabriel FREE BEE store! My model for these pictures is my librarian avatar, Notecard Writer, who is wearing an Altamura mesh body.

This formal black three-piece suit comes in four versions: small or large stripe, and small or large check patterns. You’re all set for your next virtual boardroom meeting!

It’s all one piece, and comes in standard sizing. And it even includes a HUD to change the colour of the shirt and tie! (Please note that the shoes are not included.)

And one more casual look! This unzipped black biker jacket comes in versions with or without the shirt underneath it, in blue denim, black denim, a black floral design, or white (one standard size). The sweatpants come in white, grey, and black, in one standard size, plus sizes to fit Slink, Signature, and Meshbody Classic/TMP mesh bodies (the black Karmenov sneakers were a free group gift from VERSOV).

Happy freebie shopping!

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: End-of-Year Freebies for Male Avatars

Well, Advent calendar season is almost over, and I have spent most of it focused on fabulous freebies for female avatars, but I wanted to blog about some men’s freebies that you can pick up today.

First, please meet Silver Quick, my handsome male alt who will be modeling today’s finds:

Silver Quick is wearing:

  • Head, Eyes and Eyebrows: the recent group gift of the Alain Bento, Bakes on Mesh head from LeLutka
  • Body: Romeo by Altamura (a Valentine’s Day group gift a couple of years ago; to use Bakes on Mesh skin on this body, you must first purchase an Omega system kit for Altamura for L$99 at this exact SLURL, and obtain the free Bakes on Mesh kit from Altamura (at this exact SLURL in their in-world store)
  • Bakes on Mesh Skin: Delphinus by Altamura (included with the Bakes on Mesh kit mentioned above)
  • Hair: Jamie by Firelight, a free gift available here
  • Shorts: Alejandro shorts from the starter avatars in the Library folder of your SL inventory
  • Animation Override: Tuty’s Daily sLIFE Free Bento AO (free from the Tuty animations store)
The Altamura Bakes on Mesh kit includes a BoM Omega relay and the Delphinus skin

Our first stop today is NERO N7 menswear store, where (if you join their store group for free), you can pick up a free L$500 gift card, good for anything in the store:

Next, we hit a couple of Advent calendars that are still up!

Donni’s Dollies has an Advent calendar where the odd-numbered dates (plus Dec. 12th and Dec. 24th) have gifts of menswear as well as womenswear (no group is needed). Here is the black and gold tuxedo from December 24th:

No Shot still has their 12 Days of Christmas calendar up, too. Here is one of the 12 menswear gifts you can pick up, a camouflage outfit with boots:

Here’s another nice outfit from the No Shot calendar, which also includes the shoes:

And here’s a business suit outfit from the same calendar, with shoes:

The ACCESS shopping event has many lovely gifts for both men and women (you have to join the ACCESS group for free to pick up these gifts).

Here’s a pro tip to help you quickly find the gifts you want at this and at other events: if you are using the Firestorm viewer, select Area Search under the World menu, then enter a keyword you are searching for (e.g. “varsity”). Then, from the list of search results, right-click the one you are interested in, and select Zoom from the pop-up menu as shown here:

Your camera will then zoom in on the specific giftbox you have selected! All you have to do is click on it and it’s yours! This tip can save you a lot of wandering around at crowded sales events where there are dozens and dozens of vendor booths.

Do a keyword search for “GRAILED” to get this Zion hoodie fatpack by GRAILED, which includes a HUD with 30 different colours and patterns:

And do a keyword search for “Varsity” to pick up this Randon jacket and long sweater combo from Varsity, with two HUDs to change the colour of both the jacket and sweater. You’ll need to alpha out your arms and hands for this hands-in-pockets look!

Our final stop is the Shop and Hop event, where there are a few men’s freebies to pick up. The gift from Etham is this shirt-and-hoodie combo, which comes with a HUD to change the colour of both the shirt and the hoodie individually:

The gift from Mossu is this cheerful Christmas cardigan:

The present from Lapointe and Bastchild’s SWEAR store at the Winter Shop and Hop are these wonderfully-detailed tundra patrol boots, in a camouflage snowflake pattern:

Happy freebie shopping!