Sansar Store Spotlight: First Marvelous Designer-Created Clothing

A follow-up to the new Fashion Release of Sansar…

SIN has placed a men’s sweatshirt up for sale on the Sansar Store. As far as I am aware, it is the very first garment created using Marvelous Designer to be sold in the Store. And it’s free to try!

SIN's Shirt 18 Dec 2017

When you buy it, it appears in your inventory window under the Clothing slot (the little hanger tab). The item is marked with a little golden M in the upper-right corner to indicate that it is a Marvelous Designer-created item of clothing:

Look Book 18 Dec 2017

Click on the Simulate Cloth button, and you can use your mouse to adjust the garment to your liking!


Exit the avatar preview section and it “bakes” the adjusted clothing on your avatar before you can go explore in Sansar.

Note: Although you do have cloth physics when adjusting items of Marvelous Designer-created clothing in the “Look Book” avatar preview, when you are actually in-world you do not yet have cloth physics, for example, the way a skirt would naturally swing when you walk. That feature is expected in a future update to the fashion market, hopefully sometime in 2018.

Here’s what my avatar looks like in the Zen Garden experience, wearing his newly-tugged-on shirt:

Ryan Wearing SIN's Shirt 18 Dec 2017.png

Cool, eh? (Note: to “reset” the garment back to its original configuration, you simply take it off and put it back on again. Simple!)