Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Grab the Genesis Lab Teen Head for Only L$55!

Teen roleplay is a big market in Second Life, and although I must confess I have never once felt the desire to relive my exceedingly awkward teenage years in SL, many Second Life users like to do so.

The big news today is that Genesis Lab is letting you join their store group for free, and with that free group join, you can pick up their brand new Teen model of Bento mesh head for only L$55, a 99% discount. You can also pick up Olivia Bakes on Mesh skin in six skin tones for only L$3 per tone, for use with that head (although the Teen Head already comes with Bakes on Mesh skin in six skin colours).

So I decided to have Vanity Fair revisit her gawky, surly teenage years, and had her visit the Genesis Lab store, join the group for free, and pick up the Teen Head and one shade of the Olivia skin (total outlay: L$58).

First, let’s look at the basic head without any hair, using the default brows and shape that come with the Teen Head (the mesh eyes come in four different colours and are included). Remember that this is a Bento mesh head, and you should be able to adjust it as you like:

Then Vanity popped over to the Meshbody sim to pick up the dollarbie Classic female body (which remains one of the best deals on the grid for a fully-featured mesh body). The Meshbody Classic already supports Bakes on Mesh skins, you just have to turn that feature on using the included HUD.

Here is the result, with some free hair, a freebie outfit for The Mesh Project (TMP) Classic mesh body I picked up sometime last year, and the free group gift of Jumpov TMP sneakers by Versov which I already had in my inventory. (Just remember that when you are shopping around for clothes to fit the dollarbie Meshbody Classic body, most vendors will still refer to it using the old name of The Mesh Project or TMP.)

Not a bad look overall, for a total cost of only 59 Linden dollars!

All I need is a cellphone and I’m all set to go hang out at the mall!

Here’s the SLURL to the Genesis Lab store. Happy shopping!