The Continuing Saga of Coupon Clip in Second Life

You might remember that I blogged about my poor Second Life alt, named Coupon Clip, who lost her job dancing for tips when her favourite Rat Pack bar, 1951, shut down rather unexpectedly:

“I’m your private dancer, a dancer for money…”

Well, after a short stint as a model, you’ll be happy to know that Coupon Clip has landed on her feet!

This man is Dr. Soni Avileva, the former proprietor of the 1951 bar (he made his own mesh body and got this skin from a Japanese skin maker who has since left the grid). A charming man who runs a classy establishment, set to a swinging soundtrack of jazz vocalists! I often just park Coupon and use the bar as my radio station 😉

Well, the good Doctor has set up a whole new bar! This time, it’s called The 1969 Bar (a.k.a. The Wrong Hole), and that is where you can now find Coupon Clip, once again dancing for tips. Here’s a selfie shot:

And here’s a very dimly-lit, atmospheric shot that I just love, that the Doctor himself took and posted to Flickr! I like how you can see the neon signs on the street outside the window.

In these pictures, Coupon Clip is wearing:

  • Mesh Head: Maia by Akeruka (a former group gift)
  • Mesh Body: Freya by Belleza
  • Eyes: Fem mesh eyes (a group gift from Euphoric)
  • Hair: Joan by KIN (an old prim-based hairstyle; no longer available)
  • Earrings: Winter’s Pearls by FORSAKEN (an old hunt gift)
  • Dress: Marilyn Dress by Gaall
  • Pumps: June pumps by Garbaggio (my favourite shoe store!)

Here’s a couple more shots of Coupon on her break, to give you an idea of what the bar looks like:

And here’s a picture of the party in full swing, with a guest DJ!

Even Dr. Soni gets into the groove!

All pictures taken at The 1969 Bar (a.k.a The Wrong Hole). Be sure to pay a visit, and tell them Coupon Clip sent you!