Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Free Short Women’s Hair from Tram!

Tram is a women’s hair store in Second Life, well known for its short-and-medium-length, wispy, windblown, and cute/kawaii hairstyles. Today I learned via the Pure Eggs & Spam blog that Tram has made a large number of their older hairstyles available as free gifts! No group join is required; just buy each fatpack for L$0 and it’s yours.

Here are nine of the non-rigged mesh hairstyles. While the hair says it is No Modify, I discovered that you can adjust the size using the Stretch command if you right-click on it and select Edit. Each style comes in a complete fatpack of colours, and I was able to tint a couple of these hairstyles to a darker shade of black under the Texture tab in the Edit menu.

One disadvantage of this hair is that it adds 30,000-40,000 to your Avatar Rendering Cost (ARC), now called Mesh or Rending Weight, which means that your avatar may appear as a “jelly doll” to other avatars, depending on their Second Life viewer settings. I have mine routinely cranked up to Ultra, but I have an higher-end gaming PC with a good graphics card, but those people running older potato computers may not see you as you wish to be seen! Something to bear in mind.

On the same gift wall, a little further to the right, are a collection of even older non-mesh, sculpted (prim-based) hairstyles, which are also free.

Here’s an example of one of the sculpted hairstyles, model A812, which, as you can see, is absolutely perfect for this high-collared yellow ballgown this avatar is wearing! The sculpted hair is tintable, and each separate prim can be adjusted. Again, like the nonrigged mesh hairstyles mentioned above, the downside is that these sculpted prim hairstyles will add significantly to your Avatar Rendering Cost (about 30,000-40,000).

Here’s your taxi to Tram. Happy freebie shopping!

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Hair Fair 2019 Freebies and Dollarbies

Is your avatar in need of a new hairdo, but low on Linden dollars? Fear not, the annual Second Life Hair Fair has arrived! This year’s Hair Fair just opened today and runs until Sept. 1st, 2019, and Vanity Fair has braved the crowds and lag to pick up all the gifts to show you. All are either freebies or dollarbies!

First up is my favourite hairstyle from the Hair Fair, called Hurrah by Ade, which comes in a fatpack of colours (there’s also a free pair of sunglasses you can pick up):

Short, simple, perfect!

Next up is Castle by EscalateD, which comes in a rainbow multicolour pack:

Not exactly to my taste, but you might like it!

Now we have No Penny by no.match Hair, where you get one HUD with a fatpack of colours and a second HUD to change the texture on the hairband:

And here is Jay by EMO-tions, a beaded braided hairstyle which comes with a monotone HUD in various shades of white, grey, and black:

You might prefer this soft, romantic hairstyle by Astrology called Pearl, which comes in a full fatpack of colours:

This is different: an animated hairstyle called GoodyHair by {red} Mint which just comes in this one colour combination:

Here we have Easton by KoKoLoRes, which comes in a fatpack of colours:

This one is called Midnight by Mello & Moth, which also comes in a fatpack of colours:

Tameless has this hairstyle called Wendy, which comes in a fatpack of colours:

The long, wispy Safire hairstyle by Sintiklia comes with a “colours and pastels roots” fatpack, which is not really my thing, so I just tinted the default white hair using the included tinter HUD:

Vera is a nice, casual short hairstyle by Exile. Again, it comes in a fatpack of colours:

Tram, which always has such fun and interesting styles, is offering Hagiiro in two colours: pink (shown) and lilac.

And finally (whew!), we have Anyalia by enVOGUE, which comes in various bright colours (one HUD darker shades, one HUD lighter shades). Here I picked a vibrant shade of red from the darker HUD:

The Hair Fair is always a popular event, so you might just want to wait until later in August or Sept. 1st to pay a visit. As you can see, there are some lovely gifts this year—and lots of hair colour fatpacks, which is lovely to see! Thank you to all the vendors who put out such especially nice gifts this year! Last year’s Hair Fair were gifts were, uhmmm, let’s just say they were a rather mixed bag and leave it at that

If you want a completely different presentation of the Hair Fair gifts, Roodvosje Rosse of the blog GO DUTCH has pictures showing you several of the colour options for most of the hairstyles for both men and women (including a few I didn’t show you in this blogpost).

Vanity Fair is also wearing:

By the way, the cute children’s cereal box top I am wearing in all these pictures is a free gift from Gato. Just click on the store’s subscriber box near the entrance, and it will be delivered automatically to your inventory! It comes in one size, for Maitreya Lara mesh bodies only (which means it should also work for Altamura mesh bodies as well).

Happy shopping!