Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Gacha Madness (and Some L$5 and FREE Gachas!)

Ladies and gentlemen (and those who resist being categorized), Second Life gacha madness is truly upon us! Most SL stores are having 50% sales on their gacha merchandize before Linden Lab bans gachas after August 31st, 2021.

Even I, who normally stays far away from gacha machines, have been tempted to play a few! And, as the uncrowned Freebie Queen of Second Life, I’ve even managed to find a few free and L$5 gachas for you! Rejoice, freebie fashionistas!!!

In addition to the following lists of gacha sale locations…

…there is now also a handy HUD from Epiphany. Just join The Epiphany group for free and check the notices to obtain the HUD. Wear it, and it guides you to a large number of stores which are offering L$25 gachas (they also have a full list on their website).

Using the Epiphany HUD, I arrived at the Pixicat store, where I was very lucky! On only the third pull, I was able to snag this romantic black ombre ballgown, with its twinking, gently rotating stars! This gorgeous gown is one of two rares from the Pixicat Soirée gacha (the other rare is the same ballgown in white):

While most gachas have been marked down to L$25 a pull, I did find one location that has six gachas at only L$5 per try! It is a store called Sugar Pink Café (here’s the exact SLURL to take you there).

The gachas at Suger Pink Café are only L$5 a pull!!

But UNA goes one better! The UNA store group is free to join, and you can pick up nine free older gacha fatpacks (Maitreya Lara size only), plus 26 other group gifts! Here’s your taxi to take you to UNA.

Most of these fatpacks have a Middle Eastern or Oriental flair. Here’s a sample of one of the outfits you can pull together, the Kaori gown, jacket, and corset, each of which includes a HUD with numerous colour combinations possible:

(The only drawback to the UNA gacha fatpacks is that each item is individually boxed, which means it takes longer to unpack everything. But hey, free is free!)

Happy gacha shopping!