Vizible: A Brief Introduction

Vizible is business-oriented VR creation and collaboration software by a company called WorldViz. According to an article in their knowledge base:

There are two parts to Vizible, one to create VR content and another to experience it. With Vizible Presentation Designer, you create rich, interactive VR presentations with no coding. Then, with Vizible Presenter, you hold sessions, multi-user gatherings inside of your presentations for real time communication and collaboration in virtual reality.

Participants of Vizible sessions can grab and inspect 3D models, mark up the space with virtual pencils, use laser-pointers, and more. Vizible is used for business meetings, education/training, design review, demos, walkthroughs, and all kinds of online collaboration.

Vizible works on desktop PC, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. You can follow the company via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or on YouTube. If you’re interested, you can contact the company to arrange for a demonstration of Vizible (unfortunately, there’s no pricing information on their website).